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13 Mar 2013 - 03 Nov 2015
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First International School of Global Affairs and Public Policy Advisory Board

The School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) hosted a meeting of the newly-established advisory board beginning on Sunday. The advisory board is a body consisting of 12 international experts from different fields and professional backgrounds, including renowned public figures.
Members of the board include:  
Members from outside academia
Members from academia
  • Ahmed Darwish, professor in the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
  • David Kennedy, professor, Harvard School of Law professor
  • Georges Michel Abi-Saab, honorary professor of International law, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva
  • Ghassan Salame, dean of the Paris School of International Affairs
  • Helmut K. Anheier, Hertie School of Governance in Germany
  • Kenneth Prewitt, Carnegie Professor of Public Affairs, vice president for Global Centers
  • Magued Osman, former minister of communications and information technology; director of the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research
  • Hani Sarie Eldin, professor of commercial law, Faculty of Law, Cairo University

“The board is comprised of experts in and outside the academic field to paint a full picture of the school, and give genuine advice and recommendations to better the school of GAPP,” Dean Nabil Fahmy explained. “As the board is comprised of experts from various fields, they will be able to identify issues that are to be important regarding the school’s future and advise on how to tackle those issues.” 

The board will assist the school in applying its vision and mission, setting a path to enhance the school’s image nationally as well as internationally, thus making the school, its students and its alumni more competitive on a global scale.

“The main aim of the board is, quite simply, strengthening the networks inside and outside the University,” said Fahmy.
For GAPP Advisory Board members, click here.
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