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The illusion of common ground
by Stephen J. Cowley and Matthew Harvey
When people talk about “common ground”, they invoke shared experiences, convictions, and emotions. In the language sciences, however, ‘common ground’ also has a technical sense. Many taking a representational view of language and... more
More Info: Note that I'm happy to share the official pre-print if you'd prefer; just let me know.
Publication Date: 2015
Publication Name: New Ideas in Psychology
Research Interests: Semiotics, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy Of Language, and 21 more
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Noam Chomsky's Dismissal of the Mind-Body Problem, A Defence
by Konstantinos Chatzigeorgiou
In this paper, I would like to outline and defend Noam Chomsky’s dismissal of the mind-body problem in its Cartesian formulations, while clarifying the implications of some of Chomsky’s methodological remarks. The structure of the paper... more
Research Interests: Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, and History of Science
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The Metamorphosis of Knowledge: Towards a Bio-Philosophical Conception of a New Humanities and Sciences
by Brennan Chambre
The gulf between the humanities and the sciences, named "The Two Cultures" by C.P. Snow in his now-famous lecture and essay of the same name, grows increasingly wide, even as trends in the digital humanities claim to offer hope. A... more
Research Interests: Evolutionary Biology, Cognitive Science, Philosophy, Ontology, Philosophy of Science, and 25 more
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Buddhism and Cognitive (Neuro)Science: An Uneasy Liaison (final draft)
by Sebastjan Vörös
ABSTRACT: Buddhism and Cognitive (Neuro)Science: An Uneasy Liaison? The main aim of this article is to shed light on the intricate relationship between Buddhism and science by focusing on what is becoming an increasingly popular area of... more
Research Interests: Buddhism, Cognitive Science, Philosophy Of Religion, Science and Religion, Cognitive Neuroscience, and 3 more
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Working Memory Load and Distraction: Dissociable Effects of Visual Maintenance and Cognitive Control – An Article Review
by Maica Pineda
For this review, I chose an article entitled, Working memory load and distraction: dissociable effects of visual maintenance and cognitive control authored by Nikos Konstantinou, Eleanor Beal, Jean-Remi King and Nilli Lavie. The article... more
Research Interests: Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Science, Perception, Memory (Cognitive Psychology), Cognitive Control, and 5 more
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by Leonardo Lana de Carvalho
Research Interests: Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Mind
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Beyond Fakers and Fanatics: a Reply to Maarten Boudry and Jerry Coyne
by Neil Van Leeuwen
Maarten Boudry and Jerry Coyne have written a piece, forthcoming in Philosophical Psychology, called “Disbelief in Belief,” in which they criticize my recent paper “Religious credence is not factual belief” (2014, Cognition 133). Here I... more
More Info: forthcoming
Publication Name: Philosophical Psychology
Research Interests: Religion, Sociology of Religion, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Social Psychology, and 24 more
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'Get' and the grasp schema: a new approach to conceptual modelling in image schema semantics
by Paul Chilton
Get is a verb with a wide range of uses that are not obviously related to one another and has begun to attract attention from linguists in a broadly generative or formal semantics tradition (Haegemann 1985, Gronemeyer 1999, 2001, Fleisher... more
Publication Date: 2009
Publication Name: New Directions in Cognitive Linguistics, ed. V. Evans and S. Pourcel. Benjamins, Amsterdam
Research Interests: Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Science, Cognitive Linguistics, and Cognitive Neuroscience
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Exogenous visual orienting by reward
by Michel Failing
Publication Date: May 12, 2014
Research Interests: Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Science
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Conexionismo como paradigma de la ciencia cognitiva, superando el problema de sistematicidad
by Ignacio Cea
More Info: Breve defensa del conexionismo frente al debate de la sistematicidad del pensamiento y la alegada ventaja explicativa del cognitivismo clásico para modelar la cognición.
Research Interests: Cognitive Science and Ciencias Cognitivas
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The fan effect in overlapping data sets and logical inference
by Matthew A. Kelly
We examine the fan effect in overlapping data sets and logical inference. Three experiments are presented and modeled using the ACT-R cognitive architecture. The results raise issues over the scope of the memories that determine the fan... more
More Info: Authors: Kam Kwok, Robert L. West, Matthew A. Kelly
Publication Date: Jul 22, 2015
Publication Name: Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society
Research Interests: Cognitive Science, Memory (Cognitive Psychology), Cognitive Architectures, Inference, Cognitive Modelling, and 3 more
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Beyond the Comtean Schema: The Sociology of Culture and Cognition Versus Cognitive Social Science
by Omar A Lizardo
In this essay, I argue that the very form of the grammatical construction “a sociology of culture and cognition” (which is a specification of the more general schema “a sociology of [X]”) is symptomatic of a deeply entrenched form of... more
Publication Name: Sociological Forum
Publication Date: Dec 2014
Research Interests: Sociology of Culture, Cognitive Science, Cognitive Anthropology, Culture and Cognition, and Cognitive Sociology
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Frames of reference and the linguistic conceptualization of time: Present and future
by Paul Chilton
Publication Date: 2013
Publication Name: Time: Language, Cognition, and Reality, eds. Jaszczolt and Saussure
Research Interests: Cognitive Science and Cognitive Linguistics
Lo spazio della differenza, ovvero per una Antropologia della Mente
by Alessandro Bertirotti
In questo contributo, il discorso iniziale sul termine Chaos, in contrapposizione all’Antropos, diventa il filo conduttore del testo emergendo in più punti. Il Chaos, mediato dal pensiero filosofico greco, diventa espressione di un ordine... more
Research Interests: Sociology, Cognitive Science, Social Psychology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and 3 more
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Computers, Dynamical Systems, Phenomena, and the Mind
by Marco Giunti
More Info: Doctoral dissertation, Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Dissertation advisor: Prof. John A. Winnie. http://dx.doi.org/10.13140/RG.2.1.1431.2169
Publication Date: Jul 1992
Research Interests: Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, and Dynamical Systems Approach to Cognition
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Why Heideggerian AI Failed and How Fixing it Would Require Making it More Heideggerian
by walter villanueva
Research Interests: Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence
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The nexus between neurodegeneration and advanced cognitive abilities (part 2)
by Robert Bednarik
This exploration of how the unique susceptibility of the modern human brain to neurodegenerative illnesses appears to be related to that brain’s acquisition of complex cognitive functions is informed by both neuroscientific data and... more
Research Interests: Evolutionary Biology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuropsychology, and 27 more
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Cognitive Impact of Eye Movements in Picture Viewing
by Gufran Ahmad
Research Interests: Cognitive Science and Eye Movements
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Analogy Influences Eye Movements during Scene Viewing
by Gufran Ahmad
Research Interests: Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Database Systems, Data Analysis, and 3 more
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Coincidences and the Encounter Problem: A Formal Account
by Jean-louis Dessalles
Individuals have an intuitive perception of what makes a good coincidence. Though the sensitivity to coincidences has often been presented as resulting from an erroneous assessment of probability, it appears to be a genuine competence,... more
Research Interests: Cognitive Science, Cognitive Modeling, Coincidence, Kolmogorov Complexity, and Simplicity Theory
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