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Clintons personally paid State Dept. staffer to maintain private e-mail server
A campaign official says the payments ensured that taxpayer dollars were not spent on the family’s system.Beyond Kentucky, ‘God’s authority’ creates thorny legal issue
The question of protection for religious beliefs has emerged as a contentious topic across the country.
Ky. clerk’s attorney derides newly issued marriage licenses
After run-in with protester, Trump’s guards draw scrutiny
A scuffle outside Trump Tower revealed a reality of presidential campaigns: Candidates arrange their own protection at this early stage in the election cycle.Watch: Arrivals in Austria
Refugees crowd buses in Nickelsdorf, Austria. (EPA)
Busloads of Syrian migrants reach Austria, as fresh groups set out on foot
Austria and Germany agreed to accept asylum-seekers into their countries from Hungary as Hungary's hard-line authorities relented in a confrontation with refugees that they said were overrunning Europe.
Video: The scene among migrants in Hungary
Hundreds of 3-year-olds have died as a result of the Syrian war
The death of Aylan Kurdi is a reminder of an almost unquantifiable tragedy.
When does religion excuse you from doing your job? 
By Eugene Volokh
Why I quit teaching
By Jan Sidebotham
Out with ‘Redskins' and everything else!
By George F. Will
Do we really need so many firefighters?
By Fred S. McChesney
More Top Stories
More Top Stories
What have Bush, Clinton learned from voters attraction to the outsiders?
Trump, Carson and Sanders soak up attention while conventional candidates struggle to connect.
The Fix: Clinton's struggles let GOP sprint to the right
Islamic State has killed many, but Assad’s forces have killed more
As the extremist group’s brutality grabs headlines, the Syrian government claims more lives.
Statistically speaking, when are you going to die? 
Give us your age and gender, and we’ll tell you your average life expectancy, courtesy of Social Security.
Tom Brady speaks out about DeflateGate ruling
In a Facebook post Friday night, he says "I don't think this has been good for our sport."
Team owners to discuss changing Goodell's disciplinary role
Cellphone company petitions Congress: Rename Reagan National Airport
After the uproar over the new name for Mt. McKinley, CREDO mobile's petition asks the airport to go back to former name Washington National, which honored George Washington.
Is a love of food enough to bond these two?
Rise of the female rock memoir
The London guide for chocolate lovers
Visual Stories
Visual Stories
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'Airbnb'-style housing for Europe migrants
Play video on original page
(GillianBrockell/The Washington Post)
Hillary Clinton talks Trump, e-mail server and Biden on MSNBC
(Luiz Fernando Ribeiro)
21 bizarre species you didn’t know existed
(Mandel Ngan/Getty Images)
Obama dancing in Alaska and more in week's best photos
(Emanuele Satolli)
Need a hair transplant? Why Turkey is #1 in harvesting hair.
(NOAO/AURA/NSF/WIYN Consortium, Inc.)
Stunning images from deep space through telescopes
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What have Bush, Clinton learned from voters attraction to the outsiders?
When does your religion legally excuse you from doing part of your job?
Clintons personally paid State Department staffer to maintain server
White woman accidentally impregnated with black man’s sperm loses legal battle
How Hillary Clinton’s struggles are letting the GOP sprint to the right
Best of The Post
(Michael Williamson/The Washington Post)
America’s car culture: Cruising toward oblivion
By Marc Fisher, Michael S. Williamson and Lazaro Gamio
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar calls Trump a bully to women and journalists
How it feels when white people shame your culture’s food — then make it trendy
I was the life of the party. It almost killed me.
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How do we balance the STEM equation?
On Sept. 10, Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and John Hoeven join D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson to discuss science and tech education.
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Why ‘gotcha questions’ ultimately don’t mean anythingHow Hillary Clinton’s struggles are letting the GOP sprint to the rightWhat have Bush, Clinton learned from voters attraction to the outsiders?Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and the history of ‘gotcha’ questions
A 22-year-old anti-Nazi song tops German charts again — to welcome refugeesThe 86-year-old American twins who will meet their third Saudi kingFinland’s PM wants to house refugees in his homeWith only $150,000 in savings, Nigeria’s leader may be the least corrupt in Africa
Arkansas wants to get back in the execution businessWhite woman accidentally impregnated with black man’s sperm loses legal battlePrice to jump for most popular health plan on Maryland insurance exchangeChinese naval ships came within 12 nautical miles of American soil
It’s not enough for young black women to admire Serena. They need to emulate her will to win.The Fed and the Clash: Should they stay or should they go?How corporate America killed my writingIs clerk Kim Davis a hero or villain?
Triple shooting pushes D.C. homicide count to 106, surpassing 2014 totalFight in Chicago: The all-too familiar story of school closures in America’s citiesD.C. area forecast: A mix of clouds and sun throughout a cooler weekend, then heat returnsNationals vs. Braves weather forecast: Mostly pleasant
Nationals beat the Braves on Michael A. Taylor’s walk-off home runEagles cut Tim Tebow, despite trade of Matt BarkleyCollege football TV schedule, preview for Sept. 5-7As NFL deadline for cuts nears, Griffin’s place on Redskins roster looks secure
Lost something the National Building Museum’s beach? It’s not the only phone in the seaDoes Donald Trump cheat at golf? A Washington Post investigation.Nicki Minaj calls out her frenemies. Taylor Swift still won’t spill. Which way is more effective?Carolyn Hax: ADD husband doesn’t have a clue about Christmas gift
The piano: Keys of the futurePretenders’ Chrissie Hynde: No regrets about rape commentsSarah MacLean picks the best romance novels for September‘Girl Waits With Gun’ review: A feisty heroine inspired by a real detective
Here’s why Atari fans just spent $100,000 on video games from a dumpHow trusting employees can help a company score viral hitsWhy a Web company with four employees is suing WazeOne of these people could be Twitter’s next CEO
‘Star Wars’ fans pounce on Force Friday, snap up new toysIn New York, good riddance to a questionable hiring practiceInside the wild ride that landed The Washington Post on K StreetRead the latest from Capital Business
Federal Government
Government awards $133 million contract to help hack victims, pledging better customer servicePoor planning, bungled engineering and delays send costs soaring for VA hospitals, report saysThis tiny agency’s own watchdog said it should be deep-sixed. Now, it’s helping to save Alaska from climate change.The official reference to small raisins as ‘midgets’ is almost gone. It’s taken the USDA more than two years.
Real Estate
A splendid porch is this Arlington home’s most distinguishing featureSpring Valley, neighbor to American University, getting a tony reputationSchool quality has a mighty influence on neighborhood choice, home valuesMortgage rates rise heading into holiday weekend
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