Wednesday, September 9, 2015
Sept. 9, 2015
Bush tax plan would slash corporate rates, limit loopholes
The GOP candidate's long awaited plan would create only three tax brackets and eliminate taxes on death and marriage. 
Wonkblog: What's new in Bush's plan
Clinton distances herself from Obama on foreign policy
Pointing out issues where she would have taken a tougher stance represents a delicate balancing act for the former secretary of state. 
Benghazi panel tries to force former Clinton staffer to appear
E.U. leader proposes quotas to redistribute migrants
The plan would be one of the largest efforts across Europe to address a migration crisis, but still falls far short.Coking's house next to Trump Plaza in 2011. (Helayne Seidman for The Post) 
The time Donald Trump’s empire took on a stubborn widow — and lost
The billionaire wanted Vera Coking's house in Atlantic City, not to live in but as a place to park limos for his casino.Apple unveils updated iPhones, iPads, TV
The company announced major improvements to its leading products, including a voice-activated box that would form "a new foundation for TV."
Ted Cruz flounders in Trump’s shadow
By Dana Milbank
The scariest quote in a new Trump book
By Daniel W. Drezner
Conservatives flail to block Iran deal
By Greg Sargent
Could effective altruism destroy the arts?
By Gary P. Steuer
More Top Stories
More Top Stories
Cruz on Iran deal: ‘We know to an absolute certainty that people will die’
The senator from Texas held a rally with fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump at the Capitol.Experts: Government shutdown is likely by end of the month
As Congress gets back this week, it's facing a nearly unprecedented number of deadlines and political dramas.Study: Alzheimer’s precursor might be transmittable via medical procedures
Researchers say “seeds” of an Alzheimer’s-causing protein may have been carried by tissue extracts.
FAQ: Provocative study raises questions about transmission
The half-empty United flight at the center of a federal corruption probe
In the airline business, filling seats is everything — except in this case. Investigators are looking into whether the airline reinstated the flight to curry favor with the powerful chairman of the Port Authority.A giant ancient virus was just uncovered in melting ice — and it won’t be the last
The viruses found so far have been harmless, but some scientists worry that climate change and human activity could uncover something deadly.College rankings that matter: Hottest students, most weed, ugliest campus
Forget academics. These college rankings evaluate other qualities that could determine just what the next four years will be like.
Rankings create a public vs. private dilemma
After another buckle, the Nationals prove they need a stronger spine
COLUMN | The (self-inflicted) pressure of expectations has again snapped the poise of key members of the team.If he leaves the Redskins, history suggests RGIII’s career is pretty much over
When a team moves on from its quarterback, chances are that player has outlived his usefulness in the league. And that includes Robert Griffin III.
Redskins await written report on RGIII before announcing his status, spot on depth chart
National Geographic magazine expands partnership with Fox, shifts to for-profit status
21st Century Fox will pay $725 million to the National Geographic Society for its stake in the partnership.NYPD officers tackle retired tennis star James Blake after mistaking him for suspect
Blake says the incident illustrates the problem of "unnecessary police force" in the United States.
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Visual Stories
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The real Stephen Colbert can’t resist Donald Trump
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Clinton’s evolving stance on her private e-mail server
(Leon Neal/AFP)
13 surprising things you didn’t know about Queen Elizabeth
(Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project)
Massive “superhenge” discovered near Stonehenge
(Asmaa Waguih/Reuters)
In Egypt, hot sand baths prove some like it hot
(Mark Makela/Reuters)
The Day: Miss America pageant, Kim Davis released from jail
Best of The Post
Why Americans dress so casually
By Roberto A. Ferdman
Conservative dissent is brewing inside the Vatican
The dirtiest places on an airplane, ranked
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On Sept. 10, Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and John Hoeven join D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson to discuss science and tech education.
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National Geographic magazine expands partnership with Fox, shifts to for-profit status
21st Century Fox will pay $725 million to the National Geographic Society for its stake in the partnership.
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