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20 Oct 2007 - 13 Sep 2015
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Sunday, 13 September, 2015, 7:42 ( 5:42 GMT )
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 Libya PM Seeks Closer Relations in Algeria 
The Libyan Prime Minister is in two-day official visit to neighboring country Algeria with the aim to improve bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries in all fields and most so in bilateral security.
 Libya Says EU Needs to Cooperate with Legitimate Authorities on Illegal Immigration 
While rejecting European military intervention, the legitimate government of Libya has made it clear that it is always willing to cooperate with the EU on combating illegal immigration provided that the EU consulted with it on various issues.
 UN Libya Special Envoy Forced to Leave Tobruk Airport Upon Arrival 
UN special envoy Bernardino Leon was prevented by protesters from leaving Tobruk airport to hold talks with members of the Libyan House of Representatives. He is accused of forcing the elected government to share power with terrorists.
 Libyan Army Kills Four Top Militia Leaders Near Tripoli 
As it advances on Tripoli, the Libyan army kills four top extremist militia leaders, a big blow to the control and command of the terrorist coalition that currently controls the capital.
 Libyan Tribes Reject UN Sponsored Talks, Slam Special Envoy Leon 
Largest gathering of Libyan tribes in Tobruk rejects UN sponsored talks in Morocco and slams special envoy for insistence talks with militias and IS should go on. Leaders of tribes are united on fighting terrorism, unity and stability of country.

 Libya Envoy Asks UN for Weapons to Fight IS Calling for Respect of Elected Government 
Libya UN envoy says Libya accepts an observer to make sure that arms imported do not fall in non-government hands. He also warns that there is no right for any nation to interfere in any decisions by the elected Libyan authorities.
 Malta Says Diplomatic Passports Agreement with Libya Temporarily on Hold 
Malta temporarily halts an agreement with Libya that enabling holders of Libyan diplomatic passports to enter Malta without visa as the Libyan elected government calls on world community to halt courting terrorist groups in the country.
 Libya PM: Turkey Keeps Supplying Anti-government Militias with Weapons 
Libya PM says Turkey is supplying anti-government militias with weapons so Libyans could kill each other and that it is not dealing honestly with the Libyan people and its legitimate government.

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