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29 Jul 2015
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Student Success Stories
Seif Abou Zaid, Spring 2014

Abou Zaid focuses on education policy entrepreneurship and its relationship to governance. He is the CEO of Tahrir Academy; a blended learning platform that creates mind-stimulating learning experiences for more than 100,000 registered Egyptian and Arab learners, empowering them to think, choose and decide. He is also a committed advocate of personal rights and freedoms and has been heavily involved in Egyptian politics early on as the Student Union president of his university.

Tahrir Academy just won the best Social Enterprise in the Arab World award from MIT Enterprise Forum Competition.
Ahmed M. Abou Hussein, 2012

"My experience at GAPP was quite exceptional. I was lucky enough to see and take part in how it all started. After a very bad experience at the BA level, I was given the chance to bring my academic career back on track. I will be forever grateful to wonderful professors like Laila El Baradei, who taught me my first course at the MPPA and supervised my thesis, because they gave me that opportunity. Professor El Baradei sets the standard for what it means to be an educator and a mentor. It is such a privilege to be her student. I am using "is" instead of "was" because true mentorships like these never end. My thesis gave me the opportunity to travel and do adequate research on my topic. It allowed me to meet international politicians and experts and expanded my network beyond my imagination. Also, I got my first research job at the program, in which I was a research assistant for two semesters. I also received a full-time job offer while doing my master’s at GAPP and got the chance to work with renowned experts like the great Khaled Z. Amin. I was also elected on my first year as the president of the associated students for public policy and administration, which was a great experience and opportunity to make wonderful friends and memories. I believe that prospective students are going to appreciate their experience at GAPP, especially with all the new funding opportunities and exchange programs."

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