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Motions for systems and structures in space, described by a set denoted Avd. Theorems for local implosion; Li, dl and angular velocities
by Premier Publishers
In order to describe general motions and matter in space, functions for angular velocity and density are assumed and denoted Avd, as an abbreviation. The framework provides a unified approach to motions at different scales. It is analysed... more
Research Interests: Earth Sciences, Physics, Quantum Physics, Planetary Science, Astrophysics, and Astronomy
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Cosmochemical fractionation by collisional erosion during the Earth’s accretion
by Asmaa Boujibar
Early in the Solar System’s history, energetic collisions of differentiated bodies affected the final composition of the terrestrial planets through partial destruction. Enstatite chondrites (EC) are the best candidates to represent the... more
More Info: Authors: Asmaa Boujibar, Denis Andrault, Nathalie Bolfan-Casanova, Mohamed Ali Bouhifd, Julien Monteux
Publication Date: Sep 23, 2015
Publication Name: Nature Communications
Research Interests: Earth Sciences, Petrology, Planetary Science, Cosmochemistry, Experimental Petrology, and 3 more
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Geological schematisation of the shallow subsurface of Groningen - For site response to earthquakes for the Groningen gas field
by Jan Peeters - Available, P. Kruiver, Jan Stafleu, Ronald Harting, and Roula Dambrink
The accelerations experienced at the surface as a result of earthquakes induced by the production of gas from the Groningen gasfield depend on the local shallow geological and soil conditions. This is called the 'site response effect'. In... more
Research Interests: Earth Sciences, Geology, Sedimentology, Quaternary Geology, Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, and 5 more
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Radiocarbon dating of agrarian terraces by means of buried soils
by Arnald Puy
Soils buried under terrace fills have been widely used to date the construction of ancient agrarian terraces. The reliability of the obtained 14C dates entirely depends on the degree of preservation and isolation of the Ab horizons and on... more
Research Interests: Archaeology, Earth Sciences, Multivariate Statistics, Geoarchaeology, Irrigation, and 5 more
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Downstream hydraulic geometry relationships: Gathering reference reach-scale width values from LiDAR
by Paolo Tarolli (保罗) and Giulia Sofia
This paper examines the ability of LiDAR topography to provide reach-scale width values for the analysis of downstream hydraulic geometry relationships along some streams in the Dolomites (northern Italy). Multiple reach-scale dimensions... more
Research Interests: Geography, Hydrology/Hydrography, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Geology, and 10 more
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Professional CV
by Andrés López-Muñoz
Research Interests: Earth Sciences, Health Sciences, Space Sciences, History of Medicine, Educational Research, and 3 more
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by Granthaalayah Journals
The research was carried out to investigate the synthesis of silver nano particles. The silver nano particles have wide tremendous application in the therapeutics, antimicrobials, diagnostics, catalysis, micro-electronics and high... more
Research Interests: Management, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and 18 more
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by Granthaalayah Journals
The word eco-friendly is actually derived from Ecosystem which is related to human beings and their habits. The term eco-friendly means those steps which are friendly to our ecosystem and environment, that do not hurt our earth’s health... more
Research Interests: Management, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Earth Sciences, and 16 more
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Effects of transient water mass
by gaia soll
Research Interests: Earth Sciences, Oceanography, and Marine Science
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Essentials of Geology, 10e
by Talal Al Balushi
Research Interests: Earth Sciences
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Introduction To Mud Fossils and Geology
by Roger Spurr
Research Interests: Earth Sciences, Geology, and Fossils
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by Roger Spurr
Research Interests: Geography, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, and Geology
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Hafnium isotope evidence for slab melt contributions in the Central Mexican Volcanic Belt and implications for slab melting in hot and cold slab arcs
by Merry Cai
Research Interests: Earth Sciences, Geology, Tectonics, Subduction Zones, and Slab Melting
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Cai-2014-Hafnium isotope EMVB
by Merry Cai
Research Interests: Earth Sciences, Geology, Tectonics, Subduction Zones, and Slab Melting
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Improving Collaboration Between Native Americans and Climate Scientists
by Kyle Whyte
Hoping to improve Native American tribes’ access to climate science tools, a Michigan State University researcher will use a four-year $450,000 National Science Foundation grant to foster better relations between tribes and scientific... more
Research Interests: Environmental Engineering, Native American Studies, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Ethics, and 23 more
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Climate Change—Present Scenario in Parts of India; Needed Preventive Measures and Role of Earth System Scientists
by Dharmapuram Reddy
It is now evident, from glacier receding in Himalaya, ice melting in Arctic and Green Land, significant fluctuations in day and night temperatures, unprecedented monsoon vagaries that Climate change is a reality and Man needs to take... more
Research Interests: Earth Sciences
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Soil CO2 emissions as a proxy for heat and mass flow assessment, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
by Simon Bloomberg and A. Mazot
Research Interests: Earth Sciences
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Isostasy and Flexure of the Lithosphere
by Daniel Felipe Forero Sanchez
Research Interests: Earth Sciences, Geology, and Tectonics
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Sample Examination #1
by abdullah qusailah
Research Interests: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Earth Sciences
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A Method for Identifying the Photoproducts, Mechanisms, and Toxicity of Petroleum from the Deepwater Horizon by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and DNPHi Derivatization
by Keiana Cave
The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill was detrimental to the prosperity of marine and wildlife habitats, as well as the fishing and tourism industry in the surrounding region. Oil spills can also indirectly affect the economies of countries... more
Research Interests: Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Chemistry, and 25 more
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