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NHL Hockey
NHL Conference Standings
Division | Conference | Wildcard

Eastern Conference
Montreal Canadiens99001835124-0-05-0-09-0-0
New York Rangers106221428204-1-12-1-16-2-2
Washington Capitals76101229183-1-03-0-06-1-0
Tampa Bay Lightning95221227242-1-03-1-25-2-2
New York Islanders85211127223-1-12-1-05-2-1
Florida Panthers8431926172-1-02-2-14-3-1
Philadelphia Flyers7421916183-1-01-1-14-2-1
Detroit Red Wings8431921212-1-02-2-14-3-1
New Jersey Devils8431920231-2-13-1-04-3-1
10 Pittsburgh Penguins8440813163-2-01-2-04-4-0
11 Ottawa Senators8332824260-2-23-1-03-3-2
12 Boston Bruins7331727290-3-13-0-03-3-1
13 Toronto Maple Leafs7142416240-1-11-3-11-4-2
14 Carolina Hurricanes8260414250-2-02-4-02-6-0
15 Buffalo Sabres8260416262-4-00-2-02-6-0
16 Columbus Blue Jackets9180219400-4-01-4-01-8-0
Western Conference
Nashville Predators86111325164-0-12-1-06-1-1
Los Angeles Kings85301016173-3-02-0-05-3-0
Dallas Stars86201227212-1-04-1-06-2-0
Winnipeg Jets85211128212-1-13-1-05-2-1
San Jose Sharks85301023182-1-03-2-05-3-0
Arizona Coyotes8431923191-2-03-1-14-3-1
St. Louis Blues85211123201-0-14-2-05-2-1
Minnesota Wild85211124223-0-02-2-15-2-1
Chicago Blackhawks85301018164-1-01-2-05-3-0
10 Vancouver Canucks8323920170-2-33-0-03-2-3
11 Edmonton Oilers9360621271-3-02-3-03-6-0
12 Colorado Avalanche7241519211-3-11-1-02-4-1
13 Calgary Flames8260416311-4-01-2-02-6-0
14 Anaheim Ducks715136201-2-10-3-01-5-1
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Eight teams in each conference qualify for the divisional playoff format.  The top three teams from each division make up the first six spots.   The two remaining teams with the highest points, regardless of division, qualify for the final two wild card spots.  
X - Clinched Playoff Spot, Y - Clinched Division, Z - Clinched Conference
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