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9 Oct 2011 - 14 Nov 2018
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For more than 20 years, leading publishers have outsourced the marketing of reprints, E-Prints, & licensing to PARS International.

What are article reprints?
Article reprints are high-quality, customized reproductions of editorial coverage featuring your company, product or industry. You can design reprints to prominently feature the coverage, which is of the greatest value to you, and even add your own corporate or promotional materials to it.
Reprints align your company with highly recognized magazine brands for a valuable third-party endorsement and can be used as sales tools at trade shows, in direct mail and much more. Request more information by filling out our online request form.
What are E-Prints?
As sales and marketing become increasingly Web-based, E-Prints let you link seamlessly to coverage featuring your company from your own corporate Website. PARS will obtain an electronic copy of the article and create transparent hyperlinks between your site and our own Web server. PARS will negotiate usage rights with the publisher on your behalf. Request more information by filling out our online request form.
Can’t I just make photocopies instead?
Even color copies don’t have the same impact as professional, custom-created reproductions, but sometimes they are permissible when used in accordance with publisher guidelines and copyright restrictions. A PARS consultant can determine whether your intended use requires licensing or publisher permission and, if so, we can help secure it for most publications we represent. Contact us for more information.
What is the minimum quantity reprint order?
Minimum quantities for reprints vary from publication to publication and may depend on the length of the article or the number pages in the reprint. In general the minimum order for custom reprints is 250.
Do writers, photographers, and illustrators allow reuse of their material in reprints?
The answer to this question differs from article to article and from publication to publication. For some magazines, writers and photographers have established contractual agreements that permit reuse; others have not. Either way, when you order from us, PARS takes care of all that. We know the guidelines set by each publication we represent and how to contact writers and photographers as necessary regarding reuse.
What if I don’t need the whole article?
Sometimes your company or product is featured as part of a multi-page article or industry round-up and you only want to reuse a paragraph or two. Maybe just a great quote or the publication’s logo. Use of a logo, or more than a line or two of copy, is often illegal without the consent of the publisher and adherence to specific guidelines. PARS can advise and obtain rights and permissions for you, often within 24 hours while high-impact coverage is still timely.
How can I get a price quote?
Either by calling us at (212) 221-9595 or by filling out our online request form. If you haven’t ordered reprints before, talking with one of our consultants may be very helpful in determining the right mix of products, services and custom options to meet your business goals (and budget).
I have ordered from you before and want to REORDER.
Give us a call at (212) 221-9595 or fill out our online request form.
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