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03 Jan 2015 - 24 Jun 2021
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This is the end of fossil fuels
By John D. Sutter, CNN
The Paris Agreement is just the blaring signal the world needs that the fossil fuel era is coming to a rapid close. Hooray for the Paris agreement! Now what? | Moral case for climate change | Can you beat the 2-degree target?
The community that stood up to coal
Why beef is the new SUV
The county where no one believes in climate change?
The 'fairy tale' energy island
You're making this island disappear
Future of Adventure
Personal submarine brings ocean exploration to all
Wingboarding - the next extreme sport in the sky
Will drones replace helmet cameras?
This woman rowed across the Atlantic
These handmade suits give you wings
A surfing paradise in the mountains?
CNN Films
Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine
Sunshine Superman
The whole of the night sky, strapped to your wrist
Putting people back in the picture
CNN Longform 
The massacre that didn't happen
By Wayne Drash, CNN
The case against John LaDue looked like a slam dunk. Bomb-making material. A confession. An arsenal in his bedroom. Yet the most serious charges fell apart and the legal plot thickened.
The gun club no one wants to join
The 'other' gun lobby
This is how the NRA loses
Two parents, one gun and a crusade in the name of Brooklynn
The money powering the NRA
Why I give 10% of my income to the NRA
Guns in America: CNN's investigation into the impact and business of guns
More from CNN's Longform journalists
In search of Pookie, Peanut and Peaches
Could this Quran curb extremism?
Hope and fear in the heartland
Taken: The coldest case ever solved
Bringing Tom home
Meet Harry the atheist
A night that changed Israel's history -- and my life
Female, 30 and on a mission
What causes coincidences?
A night of terror, a tale of love
Driven to death by phone scammers
Ghosts of rape past
The Pope's dark night of the soul
CNN Photos 
25 of the most iconic photographs
Look back at some of the photographs that have helped define modern history.
Amazon natives hold on to tradition
Show animals and their proud handlers
Nineteen years under the rainbow
The Kurdish women fighting ISIS
Girls behind bars tell their stories
Up close in the brutal world of a female fight club
Crawling in a 'polio-free' country
Giving a face to Sudan's refugee crisis
CNN Investigations 
Schools knew of trouble before student deaths
The real story behind Planned Parenthood videos
Sources: Work program mired in fraud
Athletes allege abuse and racism at University of Illinois
FTC: 4 cancer charities are shams
Hidden cameras reveal airport workers stealing from luggage
Deadly high: How synthetic drugs are killing kids
Self-funded and deep-rooted: How ISIS makes its millions
LDS Church: No tolerance for sex abuse in scouting
Body shops say they're pushed to use 'junkyard parts'
A giant security gap at U.S. airports?
Theme park employees caught in sex stings, child porn arrests
Guns, yes. Training, maybe.
Players question NCAA's record on concussions
Rehab racket: Frauds, felons and fakes
Company accused of giant Medicare fraud
Poisoned by pesticides: Sons can't eat or walk alone
It's not over: Veterans waiting months for appointments
IRS scam costing victims $15 million
U.S. Indian school's fundraising letters sent to millions signed by fictitious kids
Politicians live it up and have the lobbyists pay
Credit card thieves take gas in 'pump and dump' scheme
Victim's son: 'They ran him over because he was black'
Carnival knew of fire danger before cruise, documents show
CNN Projects 
CNN Guns Project
One day of gun violence
Tens of thousands of people die each year from gun violence in the United States. We wanted to know what one day looks like. These aren't the stories that tend to make national headlines. These are the stories that happen every day.
Great American Stories
The quietest town in America
Varsity gamers
Northern enclosure
Culture clash in Iowa
America's only metric road
CNN Heroes
CNN Hero of the Year
Maggie Doyne, a New Jersey woman who used her babysitting savings to help change the lives of hundreds of Nepalese children, was named the 2015 CNN Hero of the Year at a star-studded awards ceremony in New York.
Donate to a top 10 CNN Hero
Through Dec 31, your donation could be matched dollar-for-dollar. See donation page for details.
Impact Your World
#Katrina10: How you can help
Typhoon Soudelor: How to help
'If my purpose is to help end ALS, then I'm ready!'
Retiring Alvin Ailey dancers have new mission after Ferguson
Ways to help sex trafficking victims in the U.S.
Michael Kors wants hunger to go out of style
Pau Gasol scores with roles off the court
CNN Freedom Project
Mira Sorvino fights human trafficking
The voice of a slave
The slaves catching your seafood
Women killing themselves in captivity
The town where boys are 'groomed to become pimps'
Change the List 
My 417-mile trip down 'Apocalypse River'
John D. Sutter, CNN
I spent three weeks trying to kayak (and walk) down the "most endangered" river in America. I quickly learned why no one does that.
Digital doc: A river on life support
Make rivers visible again
Bring back the salmon
California is sinking! (and it's our fault)
Help bring change to bottom-of-the-list places
Income Inequality
The most unequal place in America
Digital Doc: Across Lake Providence
How to help Lake Providence, Louisiana
5 things the world could teach America
U.S. should consider a Swiss-style 'maximum wage' ratio
Income inequality and Google Maps
'Surviving's about the best you can do'
Poor kids of Silicon Valley
The rapist next door
Most trafficked mammal
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