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17 Jan 1999 - 24 Jun 2021
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Technology could kill 5 million jobs by 2020, report says
Google X has a new logo and name
Scary questions in Ukraine energy grid hack
Is this the first flower grown in space?
Smart robots could soon steal your job
SpaceX rocket explodes after landing
WhatsApp to stop charging $1 subscription fee
We keep too many hacks secret, ex-NSA director says
NSA is world's best hacker, agency's ex-director says
8 million Instagram followers means this
China's biggest startup is in a heap of trouble
Shipwreck from 1800s found during MH370 search
This little black box could change the Internet in Africa
Apple adding night mode, education features to iOS
World's first cyborg wants to hack your body
Lowdown on drones
Deliveries could come in a year, Google exec says
181,000 registered with FAA in 2 weeks
Your guide to obeying new laws
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Charging your cell phone battery in less than a minute
Mark Zuckerberg's vaccine post stirs up controversy
Tinder's Sean Rad talks sexting and stereotypes
Is this app the call center of the future?
Super-fast Internet is coming to your phone line
#Crisis for Twitter? Stock at all-time low
What is 5G? How fast will it be?
Toxic reality facing the poor
The risks -- and benefits -- of letting algorithms judge us
Is binge-watching draining life of meaning?
Consumer tech 
The coolest airplane seat ever
Update gives Tesla cars new ability
AT&T offers unlimited data with DirecTV
Windows 10 is off to a fast start
Oculus Rift preorders crash site
Opinion: Hoverboard ban won't work
Chevy unveils all-electric 2017 Bolt
Thinking of buying a smartwatch? Read this first
A smartphone battery that can last up to 15 days
Teen to feds: Change typeface, save $$$
Innovators who want to make life easier
Can this harvest energy from thin air?
China creates world's largest radio telescope
Boeing creates metal that is 99.99% air
U.S. military is on its way to getting its Iron Man
'Origami-inspired' car is made out of cardboard
These trees eat pollution
Space + science 
The biggest and brightest supernova ever?
NASA's next Mars mission suspended
Elon Musk: Falcon 9 is ready to fire again
Jeff Bezos lands a rocket
Opinion: Musk vs. Bezos: Who'll win in space race?
Space: Where Russia and America still get along
'Best chance for life outside our solar system'
Black hole 'burps' gas
Wonders of the universe
How asteroids can help us reach Mars
After the apocalypse: Inside Arctic vault that could help keep humanity alive
These worms eat WHAT?
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