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At ITHAKA, our passion drives us to make the world smarter. Our mission comes to life in three service areas.
One of the world's leading academic databases, JSTOR powers the research and learning of 6 million users each month. Read more
Ithaka S+R provides intelligence about emerging technologies to guide the transformation of higher education. Read more
Portico, a community-supported digital archive, preserves over 350,000 e-books and e-journals for future scholars. Read more
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MARCH 09, 2016 | ITHAKA S+R
If Chat Is the Next Interface, Can Libraries Reestablish Their Place in the Research Workflow?
MARCH 08, 2016 | ITHAKA S+R
Imagining the Future of the Library by Studying Today’s Researchers
MARCH 07, 2016 | PORTICO
International Journal of Physiotherapy to Preserve e-journals with Portico
MARCH 07, 2016 | PORTICO
Maxwell Scientific Publication Corp. to Preserve e-journals with Portico
MARCH 07, 2016 | PORTICO
American Society of Civil Engineers to Preserve Full Library with Portico
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