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19 May 2012 - 18 Nov 2022
Build A Smarter World
At ITHAKA, we think nothing is better than knowing we're having a positive impact on the world. We work with leaders in higher education to advance and preserve knowledge and to improve teaching and learning through the use of digital technologies. 
In two decades, we've launched some of the most transformative and widely used services in higher education: JSTOR, Portico, and Ithaka S+R.
With a staff of 300, ITHAKA employs individuals with expertise and backgrounds in:
We're located where thinking is stimulated
ITHAKA has three primary locations: New York City, Ann Arbor, MI, and Princeton, NJ with an additional office in Europe.
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Mission & Funding
We are proud to be a not-for-profit organization, but our status is a reflection of our mission, not our funding model. Our work across the three services is highly valued in the global higher education community, and we have the resources necessary to maintain a great work environment that encourages innovation and excellence. 
Benefits and Compensation
ITHAKA believes in investing in our most valuable resource—our people—and we offer a rich benefits package. We work in university towns, and our benefits—from full medical to time off—are comparable to those of top-tier universities. Our salaries are competitive with those of education and technology companies.
Professional Development
Knowledge, education and progress are core values at ITHAKA. This extends to our employees. We encourage and provide paid training, on-the-job learning, and tuition reimbursement.
Our work is international in scope, and our workforce reflects the communities we serve. The diverse backgrounds of our staff contribute to ITHAKA's culture of creativity and spur us to consider multiple perspectives as we develop our services.
Current Job Opportunities at ITHAKA
Come join our team of talented and dedicated people with great ideas who want to make the world a smarter place.
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