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Heavily polluted Israeli stream cuts beach in half
The world’s increasingly polluted seas and oceans, as well as rising sea levels, are now becoming a sad reality as [ Read more ]
March 15, 2016
Those smiling Irish eyes originated in the Middle East!
Just in time for St. Paddy’s Day, scientists from Dublin and Belfast have evidence that stone age Irish settlers had genetic origins in the [ Read more ]
March 14, 2016
Stateless “Team Refugee Athletes” cleared to compete at Rio 2016 Olympics!
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced yesterday the formation of a new, nation-less team of athletes cleared to compete in the 2016 [ Read more ]
March 3, 2016
Google gets hot for Wilbur Scoville!
Google did a doodle marking the 151st birthday of the pharmacist who helped us navigate the chili peppers, the tiny veggie with the power to drop [ Read more ]
February 2, 2016
The real Paleo Diet included turtle meat
It’s all the rage. Eating Paleo, or like Paleolithic man has benefits, adherents to the New Age diet claim (here are 5 steps to going on a [ Read more ]
February 1, 2016
Soup for Syria: feed your belly and your soul
Soup for Syria is a beautiful new cookbook of delicious and easy-to-make recipes guaranteed to fill your belly and feed your mind with heightened [ Read more ]
January 10, 2016
Free wonder drug available now. No prescription needed.
Does nature have a marketing problem?  Headlines about climate change, extreme weather, and their catastrophic impacts to the built environment [ Read more ]
January 9, 2016
Paris climate talks extended another day
Global climate talks expected to close today in Paris have extended into Saturday, according French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.  Appearing last [ Read more ]
December 11, 2015
Arab civil society calls Arab nations to achieve 100% renewable energy
While UN climate-conference delegates seek ways to cut world reliance on high-carbon fuels like oil, OPEC (the Organization of the Petroleum [ Read more ]
December 9, 2015
Will COP 21 finally deal with climate change ?
This year’s Conference of the Parties, known as COP21, may turn out to be the one that finally addresses the ravages of human caused climate [ Read more ]
December 3, 2015
MENA must push – NOW! – for 100% renewable energy
The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) must keep pace with the rest of the world and push for a future fully powered by renewable energy, says [ Read more ]
December 3, 2015
Israeli lab aims to hatch chicken from stem cells!
Israeli non-profit Modern Agriculture Foundation (MAF) is developing lab-grown chicken meat that doesn’t require the rearing and slaughtering [ Read more ]
November 30, 2015
Invest in ancient fig cultivars in Morocco, invest in the future
Moroccan fig trees are a part of Ahmed Hakam. Until he was nine years old, Ahmed never ventured outside of his birth village near the northern city [ Read more ]
November 10, 2015
Your sunscreen is killing baby coral reefs
  We’ve read reports that it can cause cancer (and that sunscreen doesn’t really work to prevent skin cancer), but yet – [ Read more ]
October 20, 2015
Syria’s seedbank seeds sent for safety to Morocco
Whenever I read the news about Syria’s refugee and environmental crisis I wonder how Syria’s dictator Bashar Al-Assad’s wife Asma [ Read more ]
October 18, 2015
Verizon selects 12 Internet of Things startups that may change your world
Verizon (NYSE: VZ) is America’s #1 mobile provider and the company just announced finalists for their international Powerful Answers Award [ Read more ]
September 25, 2015
Flying Spark food-tech asks, “Do you want flies with that?”
A start-up business focused on finding new ways of using insect protein in food products is a finalist in this year’s MassChallenge, the [ Read more ]
September 22, 2015
We hate cancer: 7 ways can you prevent it in your modern world
Few health issues remain at the forefront of minds more than cancer. This deadly disease affects millions daily, and there are many habits in our [ Read more ]
September 16, 2015
World’s best eatery NOMA reborn as an urban farm
Celebrity chef and foraging superstar René Redzepi told the New York Times on Monday that he is closing his Copenhagen restaurant Noma at the end [ Read more ]
September 13, 2015
Costa Rican tourists thwart sea turtle nesting, a surreal mirroring of the crisis in the Med
This story is not about the Middle East, although the images are a surreal reminder of what is happening on our Mediterranean shores – albeit [ Read more ]
September 12, 2015
Vermont’s tech park and the future of your food
When you talk with Sue Raftery you might think she’s on fire. Funny, because she’s leading a company that grows food on water –– [ Read more ]
September 7, 2015
Hydroponics in the house in Qatar!
Qatar – the tiny desert nation known for sinking millions into futuristic follies like artificial clouds and underwater TV studios – has [ Read more ]
August 30, 2015
NASA lettuce grown in space heading to Dubai salad bars?
Ever have a salad that was out of this world? Astronauts aboard International Space Station (ISS) Expedition 44 have. They just dined on the only [ Read more ]
August 12, 2015
The magical wonder leaf Neem: 10 ways Neem works its magic
  Before you decide to spend hundreds of dollars on skin care products and cosmetics, or even get off your couch and walk to the nearest [ Read more ]
July 13, 2015
Pope Francis scooped on climate change doctrine!
Pope Francis has penned an official text on the environment, the product of a year’s worth of writing. Yesterday, an Italian news site leaked [ Read more ]
June 16, 2015
Model Mediterranean Diet vs. modernity – which will win?
The region known for one of the healthiest diets on earth is moving away from ancient habits proven ideal for human health and sustainable food [ Read more ]
June 15, 2015
Raw energy balls with date and coconut
They’re healthy. They’re sweet. They’re pretty. They’re dense and filling, so one bite will satisfy you but never make you [ Read more ]
June 13, 2015
Galilee to Dead Sea: Jordan Valley’s first-ever regional master plan!
A consortium of leading environmental groups released a Regional NGO Master Plan for Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley. They announced the [ Read more ]
June 9, 2015
How this single drop of blood will save lives in the Middle East
Serious health issues frequently affect us people living in the Middle East. We face long-eradicated diseases like polio. There is also concern [ Read more ]
June 1, 2015
Shocking new way to preserve dairy, without a fridge
Most people in the developing world need to produce their own food, and most of these people do it inefficiently, making food security far out of [ Read more ]
May 19, 2015
Hookah steam stones loaded with carcinogens
Hookah, shisha, or smoking the nargila is a staple of any Middle Eastern experience. But more and more research suggests that this form of smoking is [ Read more ]
May 18, 2015
Best avocado and grapefruit salad makes the perfect match
You might have been introduced to the seemingly odd combination of watermelon and feta cheese through my Green Prophet recipe article here. Now, [ Read more ]
May 15, 2015
ICARDA scientists save 80% of a priceless trove of Syrian seeds
A team of Syrian scientists at the International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA) braved the terrors of civil war to protect a [ Read more ]
May 1, 2015
Is Egypt in denial about Nile phosphate pollution?
A barge carrying 500 tons of phosphate capsized in Upper Egypt last week after a run-in with a bridge foundation.  According to Egyptian [ Read more ]
April 24, 2015
Indoor air pollution and the ugly corners it lurks
Earlier this month mothers everywhere reeled over hearing about the baby who died from his neighbor’s unlaw pesticide use. While it’s an [ Read more ]
March 31, 2015
Worth their weight in gold: biggest losers in Dubai win coins for weight lost
The Middle East is seeing the worst rising weights of obesity in the world: but a new Biggest Loser contest in Dubai, is showing that locals there, [ Read more ]
March 19, 2015
‘Arabian Ark’ is saving UAE wildlife from extinction
Oryx, giraffes and cheetahs – species once facing regional extinction – are making a robust reappearance on a desert island off the coast [ Read more ]
March 17, 2015
Step aside sheesha: Arab teens smoke crushed ants!
Young men in United Arab Emirates have jumped on a bizarre, and weirdly “green” addiction, passing on cigarettes and sheesha to [ Read more ]
March 6, 2015
UAE pesticides kill again, now a Sharjah infant
A newborn baby boy has died and his three-year-old brother is critically ill in hospital after they inhaled a toxic pesticide used in the apartment [ Read more ]
March 6, 2015
Omani fishermen catch cattle from sunken ship
A cargo ship bound for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with about 350 cattle on board sank off the south coast of Oman mid-afternoon last [ Read more ]
March 4, 2015
3D-printing with living organisms – snack of tomorrow?
Food designer Chloé Rutzerveld has developed a concept for 3D-printed snacks that sprout plants and mushrooms from edible soil housed within a [ Read more ]
March 2, 2015
100% edible coffee cups; tasty, eco-friendly, and straight to your hips
Who says you can’t have your cup and eat it too? The maker of those chicken-like products sworn to be “finger-lickin’ good” [ Read more ]
February 27, 2015
Fresh food: United Arab Emirate’s unsustainable obsession
Why did the carrot slap the lettuce? Because it was too fresh. A joke that gains huge laughs in the single-digit age group gets a bit more foreboding [ Read more ]
February 22, 2015
Could test-tube meat be the future of food?
Getting meat without killing animals is a concept that’s fast approaching reality.  Lab-grown, or ‘cultured’, meat could resolve many of the [ Read more ]
February 22, 2015
Moroccan marathon is world’s toughest footrace
The toughest foot race on Earth kicks off on April 6th.   It’s a grueling multi-stage adventure through formidable landscape in one of [ Read more ]
February 15, 2015
Palestinians cultivate the West Bank’s first organic mushrooms!
It’s been weeks since a Palestinian vegetable vendor from the West Bank town of Jericho last imported mushrooms, selling instead homegrown [ Read more ]
February 12, 2015
Holy sh*t! Mummies float in Egyptian sewage!
Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities reported a new discovery of several Greco-Roman era mummies near Minya in northeastern Egypt, 250 kilometers [ Read more ]
February 6, 2015
#OnlyInDubai is eating the calories you just burned considered “good health”
Working out with no results? Health professionals in Dubai have a counter-intuitive solution to consider: eat more! So you’re trying to make [ Read more ]
January 30, 2015
Hebrew University and PhytoTech from Australia partner on medical cannabis patch
Everything is coming up green in Israel. At least that’s how it seems in the medical cannabis space. We’ve recently interviewed Dr. Alan [ Read more ]
January 27, 2015
LaraPharm’s dry-powder inhaler delivers cannabis like a medicine
Since humankind has discovered healing properties of herbs like cannabis, inhalation through smoke has been the delivery method of choice. Smoking [ Read more ]
January 27, 2015
Frozen Middle East needs some “global warming”
A winter storm is banging around much of the Middle East.  Precip’s teamed up with gale force winds, causing first-world headaches like clogged [ Read more ]
January 9, 2015
Desolenator offers water independence: just add sun!
Assuming you stayed relatively sane on New Year’s Eve, you probably going to woke up the next day feeling optimistic, ready to start the new [ Read more ]
December 31, 2014
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