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JSTOR Support
All the basic how-to, start-up stuff: access, cookies and cache, provider designation statement, etc.
How to see if you're logged in to JSTOR
March 5, 2015Robert Wesson
When you're trying to get access to all the things on JSTOR, it helps to check whether you're logged in through a participating institution. Some institutions send us IP addresses that JSTOR recognizes so if, for example, you're on-campus or connected to your school's off-campus proxy, you may not EVEN REALIZE THAT YOU'RE IN. 
So how do you know when you're logged in? You can look for a Provider Designation Statement (PDS). The format looks like this:
"Your access to JSTOR provided by [Institution Name Here]."
If you see this statement at the upper right hand corner of the page, then you're already accessing the journals/books/pamphlets/etc that your school licenses. If you don't see a PDS, try using the Institution Finder on the right side of the login page or contact us so that we can help you. If you aren't connected to an institution, there are options for individuals and alumni.
The world is truly your oyster.  
March 05, 2015
Link to an article, book, or primary source, like, permanently
March 05, 2015
The wonderful world of CAPTCHA
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