27 Sep 2012 - 17 May 2022
Technologies that make the world’s culture accessible to anyone, anywhere.
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Discover artworks, collections and stories from all around the world in a new way. Explore cultural treasures in extraordinary detail and easily share with your friends.
For cultural institutions
For hundreds of years, cultural institutions have collected and safeguarded our history and heritage. Powerful technologies can amplify this mission, while preserving these artifacts for a worldwide audience today and tomorrow.
The Lab
at the Cultural Institute
We created The Lab in Paris as a place where tech and creative communities can come together to share ideas and discover new ways to experience art and culture. We welcome experts, creatives, curators, artists, designers and educators to help us craft new bridges between technology and culture.
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Visit the Bolshoi Theatre in Russia
You can now take a virtual tour of this iconic building in Russia and learn about its rich history through new online exhibitions.
Remembering 70 years since Auschwitz's Liberation
We have been working with many institutions to preserve and share thousands of archives, images and videos telling the stories from the Holocaust.
Follow in Nelson Mandela's Footsteps
Discover Robben Island, where Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. New exhibitions led by a former prisoner bring the history of Apartheid to life.
Learn Korean cooking...from 340 years ago
Discover over 23,000 pieces and 100 exhibits - from Chinese bronze-age bells and Hong Kong’s vibrant neons, to a 340 year-old Korean cookbook.
Soar across the canopy of Paris's Grand Palace
Learn about the history of the Grand Palais and discover this masterpiece of steel and glass from a different perspective.
Tour Pakistan’s cultural treasures online
Diverse arts and history - from Gandharan sculptures and miniature Mughal paintings to famous sites like Walled City, are now accessible online
Celebrating traditional Mongolia
Naadam, then and now: discover the history of the most famous event in the Mongolian calendar and many more Mongolian cultural treasures.
Tour through the latest treasures from India
From Yoga to The Palace on Wheels, explore the best of India's culture and heritage
A world of Japanese art in your pocket
Carry Animals in the Flower Garden and a gold-inlaid iron sword in your pocket, with the new mobile apps of the Museums
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