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13 Jul 2010 - 01 Sep 2021
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Pro-Ouattara forces storm Laurent Gbagbo's presidential home
Laurent Gbagbo again refuses to step down as his residence is surrounded by Alassane Ouattara's forces
4 mins
Botswana's president on solving the crisis in Ivory Coast
Botswana's President Ian Khama criticises Laurent Gbagbo's refusal to surrender.
3 mins
Abidjan calm as ceasefire negotiations continue
Following French and UN air strikes against Laurent Gbagbo's military, his government enters exit talks.
3 mins
Pro-Ouattara forces spokesman confident of Gbagbo overthrow
'This is a surgical attack on very targeted areas... whatever time it takes, Gbagbo is going to have to leave'.
2 mins
Nigeria's youth has little hope at elections
Seventy percent of Nigerians are under thirty, what do election candidates have to offer the young?
3 mins
Price hikes expected in Mozambique as government ends subsidies
The Mozambique goverment has said that it can no longer afford to subsidise fuel prices.
5 mins
Daaba's singing wells
Villagers in northern Kenya no longer have to walk 70 km to access water for their needs.
3 mins
Kenya's condom crisis
Kenyan health minister on the country's current condom shortage.
2 mins
Tipo Msafiri
Bucking Bukavu's music scene
3 mins
Boko Haram sect strikes fear in northern Nigeria
Radical Muslim group has been waging war with Nigerian security forces in Borno state.
4 mins
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