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An Outline of the Grammar of the Safaitic Inscriptions
Ahmad Al-Jallad
BRILL, Mar 27, 2015 - Language Arts & Disciplines - 384 pages
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This volume contains a detailed grammatical description of the Safaitic Inscriptions, covering topics in script and orthography, phonology, morphology, and syntax. The volume also contains an appendix of over 500 inscriptions and an annotated dictionary.
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Title Page

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Introduction1
Chapter 2 Script and Orthography26
Chapter 3 Phonology and Phonetics39
Chapter 4 Nominal Morphology55
Chapter 5 The Verb101
Chapter 6 Adjectives and Agreement138
Chapter 7 Prepositions144
Chapter 8 Adverbs154
Chapter 15 Topicalization180
Chapter 16 Syntax of the Infinitive182
Chapter 17 Relative and Subordinate Clauses187
Chapter 18 Circumstantial Clauses193
Chapter 19 Coordination195
Chapter 20 Conditional Clauses197
Chapter 21 Other Constructions199
Chapter 22 Compositional Formulae201

Chapter 9 Vocative Particles158
Chapter 10 Other Particles160
Chapter 11 Conjunctions162
Chapter 12 Verbless Clauses166
Chapter 13 Verbal Clauses171
Chapter 14 The Syntax of Adverbs177
Chapter 23 Appendix of Inscriptions221
Chapter 24 Dictionary296
Index of Tribes363

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Common terms and phrases
AAUI AbaNS Al-Jallad Arabic Aramaic ASWS Bls'mnbrkt C-sc cairn camels camped clauses clitic CONJcontext CPRO.3MS CSNS deity dialects diphthongs Ds°refface this writing Existential clauses found the trace funerary cairn funerary monument G-sc Gddf glottal stop glyph gnmt go blind grieved in pain h lt HaNSB HAUI Hwlt infinitive inner desert KhBG koninklijke brill nv Lane lineage.CNST lovedMacdonald Ms'k n'm bn Nabataeans NOTES noun nq’tnunation participle passive pastured the camels plural prefix conjugation preposition pronoun reflect REL.MS root RSIS s!nts'lm Safaitic inscriptions Safawiyyah Semitic languages singular son.CNST spoil suffix conjugation suggest​toponym verb VOC Lt vocalization vowel whdr whltyear.CNST
Bibliographic information
TitleAn Outline of the Grammar of the Safaitic Inscriptions
Studies in Semitic Languages and Linguistics
AuthorAhmad Al-Jallad
PublisherBRILL, 2015
ISBN9004289828, 9789004289826
Length384 pages
SubjectsLanguage Arts & Disciplines › Linguistics › General

Language Arts & Disciplines / Linguistics / General
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