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21 May 2010 - 15 Oct 2016
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28 July 2016
Titan’s search for improvement should be reflected in respecting the rights of communities and workers
A commentary on titan Response
20 July 2016
Titan Cement workers in Wadi al-Qamar acquitted of company’s charges
The Dekheila Felony Court on June 28, 2016, acquitted all former workers with Alexandria Portland Cement-Titan of charges brought against them by the company in case 23944/2015.
11 July 2016
Let’s respect the constitution and our children’s future
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights condemns the circumvention of the constitution by both the government and the House of Representatives. The constitution requires that total public spending on education, health, and scientific research to amount 10 percent of GNP.
24 May 2016
Titan Cement in Alexandria refuses to negotiate with workers and residents
On May 11, 2016, the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO), an independent mechanism of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), subordinate to the World Bank, referred a complaint against the Alexandria Portland Cement (Titan) to compliance officials. The compliance officials will determine whether IFC carried out the necessary environmental and social due diligence with Titan Cement.
4 April 2016
The Panama Papers: Investigation of Mubarak family companies in the British Virgin Islands is the culmination of civil society organizations efforts
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) is pleased to learn that in 2013 the British Virgin Islands (BVI) authorities opened an investigation into Pan World Investments, according to documents published yesterday as part of the Panama Papers. The Panama Papers leak includes more than 11 million confidential documents from the Panamanian Mossack Fonseca firm, which establishes shell companies for its clients in tax havens.
10 March 2016
16 Egyptian Rights Groups Write to the High Commissioner on the Human Rights Situation in Egypt and Ask Him to Adopt their Recommendations
Yesterday, Wednesday, March 9, 16 Egyptian rights groups sent a letter to Zeid Ra’ad, the UN high commissioner for human rights, detailing the state of human rights in Egypt and presenting their recommendations for stopping its ongoing deterioration. The letter was sent hours before the high commissioner is scheduled to address the 31st session of the UN Human Rights Council, currently convened in Geneva, on March 10.
14 February 2016
Five objections: what is the problem with the World Bank loan?
 Five objections: what is the problem with the World Bank loan?
11 January 2016
Lawsuit against Titan Cement Factory in Alexandria for using coal
Community members of Wadi el-Qamar in Alexandria filed a lawsuit against Alexandria Portland Cement Factory (Titan) because the factory operating in the heart of a large residential area uses coal for fuel, which aggravates the already existing environmental pollution from cement dust. This indeed intensifies health and environment problems that have a toll on the area.
9 January 2016
Nine Issues To Anchor Democracy And The Rule Of Law
After more than two years without a legislature, the Egyptian parliament is finally preparing to exercise its legislative and oversight authority amid numerous complex political and economic challenges. This requires the parliament to prioritize the restoration of and support for the foundations of the rule of law and abide by constitutional provisions, to ensure these challenges can be effectively confronted.
18 May 2015
‎The New Amendments to the Implementing Regulations of the Law on Environment‎: ‎Huge Expansion in the Use of Coal, and Serious Health and Environmental Toll ‎
The Implementing Regulations of the law on Environment has been recently amended by the Prime Minister's Decree no. 964/ 2015, which was published in the official gazette on 19 April 2015. The amended Regulations included the standards and conditions on the use of coal.‎ ‎This amendment has been expected since the decision made by the Council of Ministers, in April 2014, concerning the use of coal as part of the energy mix in Egypt.
9 April 2015
Human Rights Groups Declare Solidarity with Residents and Workers in Complaint to the IFC ombudsman against Titan Cement
The undersigned organizations declare their solidarity with residents and workers harmed by the Alexandria Portland Cement factory (Titan Cement) in the Wadi al-Qamar area of Alexandria, as they file a complaint against the company with the Office of Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman (CAO) of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank Group, which finances Titan.
12 March 2015
The Egyptian Economic Development Conference: Is it A step Forward Or Pursuit of Policies of the Past
The Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) arrives this month amidst an official government and media discourse reflecting the government's high hopes for the EEDC to attract investments needed by the economy to emerge from its current financial crisis.
31 December 2014
Egypt Where Impunity Is Entrenched and Accountability Is Absent
Introduction: The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights today said Egypt’s worst human rights crisis in decades has continued unabated in 2014 with massive and systematic violations of basic rights and freedoms despite starting the year with a promising new constitution.
22 December 2014
“The Trial of the Century’s” verdict on the Gas Case: Impunity in Corruption Cases Continues
A wasted golden opportunity to achieve justice in public funds cases
15 December 2014
The Absence of Transparency: An Economic Cost and An Infringement on Citizens’ Constitutional Rights
The public budget, with both revenues and expenditures, is the mirror reflecting the government’s social and economic biases and the choices governments make for the citizenry. It is thus the most fundamental, important expression of the political and economic preferences of the political regime.
7 December 2014
Social Housing between Old Policies and Future Opportunities
Since the 1950s and to the present day, Egyptian governments have sponsored subsidized housing projects for limited-income Egyptians. These various projects go by many names, from popular housing, to economic housing, housing for youth and the future, and most recently social housing; one project carried the name of deposed former president Hosni Mubarak.
24 November 2014
Launch Of The Second Phase Of The Campaign For A Communal Drafting Of A Patient Rights Charter
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights and its partners in the patients’ rights project announce the beginning of phase two of the project: the community-wide drafting of a patients’ rights charter in Egypt.
18 November 2014
Partial Solution To The Crisis Of Street Vendors at Masr Station In Alexandria
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights welcomes the cooperation of the Alexandria governorate in finding a solution to the crisis of street vendors that will preserve the sellers’ sole livelihood by building kiosks in the environs of Masr Station, instead of arbitrarily moving them to another location, as was the case in Cairo, without consideration for compromise solutions that balance the vendors’ constitutional right to work and the government’s regulatory duties.
11 November 2014
Supreme Health Council: an EIPR Proposal To Reform The Health System In Cooperation With The Ministry Of Health and Population
In early 2014, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) submitted a proposal to the government to reconstitute, develop, and animate the Supreme Council for Health Services, established by Republican Decree 61/1966 and amended in 1978 and 1993.
4 November 2014
The new HCV Treatment: Negotiations that Lack Transparency and a Medicine Egyptians Can't Afford
Last month, the government announced a new strategic plan to address hepatitis C virus (HCV) in Egypt, which claims the lives of thousands of Egyptians every year. The announcement was accompanied with a celebration of a deal with the pharmaceutical giant, Gilead, which would provide the Egyptian government with a new revolutionary treatment for HCV costing $300 per box.
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