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تقارير ودراسات
November 2015
“To whom do Minbars belong today?”
للاطلاع علي الدراسة: اضغط هنا
September 2015
Latest Counterterrorism Law Encourages Extrajudicial Killing and Cements Impunity
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June 2015
“Whose Customs? The Role of Customary Reconciliation in Sectarian Disputes and State Responsibility”
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November 2014
Hepatitis C Treatment in Egypt: Why Cost Remains a Challenge
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September 2014
Clerical Democracy
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September 2014
Opportunities for Social Dialogue in Egypt
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September 2014
How to Best Utilize our Stolen Assets ?
How to Best Utilize our Stolen Assets ?    
Best Practices for the Management of Recovered Assets
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September 2014
Besieging Freedom of Thought: Defamation of Religion Cases in Two Years of the Revolution
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August 2014
Nationalism and Homogeneity in Contemporary Curricula
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July 2014
EIPR Housing Policy Papers III: Budget Analysis of Government Housing Projects for Fiscal Year 2014/2015
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July 2014
Housing Budget Table
July 2014
EIPR Housing Policies Paper II: Drafting a Fair Housing Policy for Egypt
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June 2014
Weeks of Killing
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights today issued a report on the most significant incidents of political violence that swept Egypt in the weeks before and after the government of former President Mohamed Morsi was deposed in July 2013.
June 2014
Health in Egyptian Prisons: A field study on the determinants of health behind bars
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June 2014
Revisiting the growth-poverty nexus in Egypt with reference to the World Bank country partnership strategies
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March 2014
“Investment without Sustainable Development: Imaginary Profits, Realized losses, a Case Study of the MOPOCO Factory in Damietta”
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February 2014
"Reclaiming and Redefining Rights" ICDP+20: The Status of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Middle East and North Africa
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January 2013
25 January 2013: The Revolution Two Years On ... Injustice Continues State crimes remained unpunished: the Interior Ministry is above the law and the Public Prosecution is missing in action
The Egyptian police continue to systematically deploy violence and torture, and at times even kill. Although the January revolution was sparked in large part by police practices and vocally demanded an end to these practices, accountability for all offenders and the establishment of permanent instruments to prevent their recurrence, two years after the Revolution the situation remains unchanged. Indeed, some moments in 2011 and 2012 were worse than before the Revolution.
January 2013
Mubarak’s First Trial: Another Lost Opportunity to Achieve Justice
Executive summary and recommendations
December 2011
Peace Keeping in Demonstrations and Public Disorder Situations
In every clash between demonstrators and security forces since the January revolution, the security forces involved in the violence, whether they were police or army, justified the killing and injuring of demonstrators with excuses such as: that the demonstrators were the ones who started the violence, that the security forces used only legitimate means to defend public property and defend themselves, or that the killings were not carried out by the security forces themselves,
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