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Technical Information
NileSat 102 was launched on the Ariane 4, manufactured by the European company Matra Marconi Space (Astrium) Nilesat 102 has been launched in August 2000 . has life time of 15 years.carries 12 Ku-band transponders of 33 MHz bandwidth to provide digital communications and terrestrial Direct-to-Home TV, Radio Broadcasting, Multimedia and Data services for countries in North Africa, South Europe and the Middle East.
Launch Information
Launch Date17 August 2000
Launch VehicleArian 4
Launch Mass1827 Kg
Orbital Information
Satellite ManufacturerASTRIUM
Orbital Position7° West
Stabilization System3-Axis
Station Keeping Co-location Accuracy± 0.09° E-W & ± 0.07° N-S
System Power Consumption (Max)3.06 kW
Expected Life Time15 Years
Payload Information
EIRP (Max.)50.1 dBW
G/T (Max.)1.5 dB/K
Downlink Frequency Band (KU)11.8 – 12.3 GHz
Uplink Frequency Band (KU)17.4 – 17.9 GHz
Transponder Bandwidth33 MHz
Transponder Output Power100 W
TWTA Redundancy16 for 12
aturation Flux Density (FGM) *london Horn-76 to –94 dBW/m
72.5 to –90.5 dBW/m2
Transponder Gain Range13 dB ALC / 18 dB FGM
Operation Information
Receiving Dish Diameter50 cm to 75 cm within the coverage area.
Operation Start Date12 September 2000
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