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11 May 2013 - 11 Feb 2021
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This very important book establishes beyond doubt the necessity
of  recording the history of nonviolent struggles throughout the world...

The authors’ accounts of actual struggles from nearly every continent demonstrate that we have available experience with powerful ways to wage conflicts and face problems without violence.
Gene Sharp
Albert Einstein Institution
This unique book highlights the little-known, but powerful roles that civil resistance has played in national liberation struggles
Ranging from the American Revolution to Kosovo in the 1990s, from Egypt under colonial rule to present-day West Papua and Palestine, the authors of Recovering Nonviolent History consider several key questions: What kinds of civilian-based nonviolent strategy and tactics have been used in liberation struggles? What accounts for their successes and failures? How did nonviolent resistance influence national identities and nascent state institutions? And, why has this history been so often ignored?

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