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16 Jun 2012 - 21 Aug 2021
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Kevin M. Guthrie
Kevin M. Guthrie is an executive and entrepreneur with expertise in higher education technology and not-for-profit management. Kevin was the founding president of JSTOR (1995) and Ithaka (2004), and oversaw their merger in 2010 to form ITHAKA.
Previously Kevin started his own software development company that served the needs of college and professional football teams, and later served as a research associate at The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, where he authored The New York Historical Society: Lessons from One Nonprofit's Long Struggle for Survival (Jossey Bass). His diverse background also includes experience as a professional football player, a sports broadcaster and producer, and a consultant for an Oscar-winning motion picture.
Kevin holds a bachelor of science in engineering in civil engineering from Princeton University and a master of business administration from Columbia University.  
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