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September 2015
Latest Counterterrorism Law Encourages Extrajudicial Killing and Cements Impunity
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June 2014
Weeks of Killing
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights today issued a report on the most significant incidents of political violence that swept Egypt in the weeks before and after the government of former President Mohamed Morsi was deposed in July 2013.
June 2014
Health in Egyptian Prisons: A field study on the determinants of health behind bars
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January 2013
25 January 2013: The Revolution Two Years On ... Injustice Continues State crimes remained unpunished: the Interior Ministry is above the law and the Public Prosecution is missing in action
The Egyptian police continue to systematically deploy violence and torture, and at times even kill. Although the January revolution was sparked in large part by police practices and vocally demanded an end to these practices, accountability for all offenders and the establishment of permanent instruments to prevent their recurrence, two years after the Revolution the situation remains unchanged. Indeed, some moments in 2011 and 2012 were worse than before the Revolution.
January 2013
Mubarak’s First Trial: Another Lost Opportunity to Achieve Justice
Executive summary and recommendations
December 2011
Peace Keeping in Demonstrations and Public Disorder Situations
In every clash between demonstrators and security forces since the January revolution, the security forces involved in the violence, whether they were police or army, justified the killing and injuring of demonstrators with excuses such as: that the demonstrators were the ones who started the violence, that the security forces used only legitimate means to defend public property and defend themselves, or that the killings were not carried out by the security forces themselves,
August 2011
Martyrs Behind Bars... Killings and Torture of Prisoners During Egypt's Revolution
Summary and Recommendations: for 18 days, starting on the 25th January, Egypt witnessed mass demonstrations demanding the downfall of Hosni Mubarak's regime. The demonstrations turned into severe clashes between security forces and protesters on the 28th January. As a result, that evening all police forces withdrew from their positions, while the armed forces took over their role.
November 2010
Law Combating Trafficking in Persons: A Welcome Step that Requires Careful Implementation
In May 2010, Egypt  enacted Law 64 of year 2010 on Combating Trafficking in Persons. This law provides  a definition of “crimes of trafficking in persons” and stipulates the penalties applicable. It also guarantees certain rights to victims of trafficking and imposes a duty of the state to ensure their full protection. At the time of writing (October 2010), the Implementing Statute of the law has not been issued.
December 2009
Supplementary Information on Egypt Presented to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
This submission is intended to supplement the combined 6th and 7th periodic report of the government of Egypt, which is scheduled to be reviewed by the CEDAW Committee during its 45th Session.
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