02 Dec 2016 - 24 Sep 2017

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Usage stats overview
September 10, 2016
Usage Statistics can be a good indicator of how your patrons use JSTOR. Watch the following short tutorial or read on below to get started. 
  • To start, you'll want to create a MyJSTOR account. You can do this by going to the MyJSTOR login page. Directly beneath the 'Login' button you'll see the link 'Register for a MyJSTOR account.' JSTOR usernames and passwords are case-sensitive, so make sure that you make a note of any capital letters used. Once you complete your registration, you will need to accept our Terms & Conditions
  • Once you've created an account, call or email us with your username and ask to be added as an administrator to your institution's account. Once you're attached as an administrator, you can log into your MyJSTOR account and choose "Usage Statistics" from the MyJSTOR drop-down menu. 
After you click 'Usage Statistics' you will be directed to the COUNTER 4 interface. You can also find the interface at https://www.jstor.org/analytics/ 
From here you can get 2015 and 2016 reports. You can request results for the previous month as early as the first of the next month. It should also be noted that the COUNTER 4 interface has its own menu. The default landing page will be the "Create Report" screen, but you will see links to "Report History", "Schedule Reports", and "Reports Help" as well. You will also see information you need for SUSHI reports as well as a means of requesting stats earlier than 2015. 
The following reports are available:
  • Journal Report 1 – Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Month and Journal
  • Journal Report 2 – Access Denied to Full-Text Article Requests by Month, Journal and Page-Type 
  • Journal Report 5 – Number of Successful Full-Text Requests by Year-of-Publication (YOP) and Journal. This replaces the JR1a report, and can also be used in lieu of the non-COUNTER JR1b report.
  • Book Report 2 – Number of Successful Book Section Requests by Month and Title
  • Book Report 3 – Access Denied to Book Content Items by Month, Title and Category
  • Consortium Report 1 - Number of successful full-text journal article or book chapter requests by month and title. This is a report for consortia. 
  • Consortium Report 2 - Total searches by month and database. This is also a report for consortia. 
  • Database Report 1 - Total Searches, Result Clicks and Record Views by Month and Database. This report now tracks usage for 19th Century British Pamphlets (previously recorded in the JR1 report).
  • Database Report 2 - Access Denied by Month, Database and Category
  • Platform Report 1 – Total Searches, Result Clicks and Record Views by Month and Platform (previously the DB3 report). Please note that there is no longer a requirement for sessions to be counted.

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