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JSTOR Support
JSTOR Support
Alternative Access for Independent Scholars
Subscriptions to Individual Journals
June 3, 2016Lauren Trimble
We also work with publishers and scholarly societies to offer individual access to specific journals.
Indiana University Press is the only publisher that offers subscriptions directly through our website. Generally, it will depend on the journal as to whether it's available on a subscription basis. If you want to know whether something's available, contact us!
If you're already a member of a society with access to JSTOR or subscribe to an individual journal, there are generally two means of access available to you. You should double check with your society/visit the website of the journal you subscribe to for concrete details. If you're still not sure, we're happy to walk you through the process. 
Password access:
Individual subscribers authenticate using their MyJSTOR accounts on JSTOR.  Publishers send membership/subscriber information to JSTOR, and then JSTOR creates an activation link and sends access instructions to each member/subscriber.
Scripted access:
Some publishers and societies create and maintain the individual accounts to JSTOR for their members.  You may need to first login at the website of the society or publisher.  The site will pass your authentication to JSTOR for access to their content.
Once you've purchased your journal, you'll probably want to find the best content it has to offer. And quickly. 
Searching within your specific journal:
Let’s take "Anthropology Now" as an example.  
Using Basic Search
To search for articles in Anthropology Now using Basic Search on the JSTOR home page, you’ll need to use the journal title field abbreviation "jo:" to restrict your search for content in that journal. Then, you'll put the journal title in quotation marks and follow it with the term of your choice.
A final example would be: jo:"anthropology now" vampires
Advanced Search
To restrict an Advanced Search, you’ll want to narrow by publication title.  This can be done in two ways:
  1. You can use the basic search format above and plug it directly into the first field of Advanced Search. 
  2. Type the journal title in the Publication title field. This field is the sixth from the top of Advanced Search. You can find it under date range and Language. 
  3. Expand the pertinent discipline and check "Anthropology Now" from the journals listed.
Browse by Title
We have step-by-step instructions for using Browse by Title. Generally though, you can go to the browse page and select “Anthropology Now” from the titles listed.  You'll then be directed to the journal page. From there you can use the "Search In This Title" field (the search field at the very top of the page/the only search field on the page) to find what you need.
September 22, 2016
June 03, 2016
Alumni Access
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