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09 Feb 2014 - 11 Jun 2017
Clear and upfront pricing, everyday.
We are proud to offer transparent pricing, which is all too rare in our industry. We have discounts for non-profit organizations and we do not charge a higher rate for project management.
We consider it a service to our clients that we are upfront and honest about our pricing. We find that everyone we work with prefers to know what they can expect to pay ahead of time, reducing surprises to your budget down the line.
Per Hour (non-Prepaid / non-Retainer)
On-site/day *
Senior Developer / Project Manager
add 50%
Prepaid Time Blocks
50 Hours
$160 ($8,000)
250 Hours
$150 ($37,500)
500 Hours
$145 ($72,500)
* On-site visits are only available in the DC-metro area.
Drupal & FileMaker Pro Retainers
Support Retainers: Updates, Backups & Verification, Priority Support.
Professional Support Retainer, 4 hrs/mo
Enterprise Support Retainer, Unlimited hrs/mo
8-hour Onsite Guarantee **
Development Retainers: Features, Consulting, Training, Reporting, etc.
Development Retainer, 8 hrs/mo
Development Retainer, 24 hrs/mo
** 8-hour On-site Guarantee requires an Enterprise Support retainer and is only available in the DC-metro area.
We accept checks, all major credit cards, or bank transfers.
For new contracts that require a security clearance, please add 30%.
Let's get started.
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