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05 Jun 2017 - 06 May 2021
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Today, June 15, 2017
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Home » Local » ‘Jordan’s stability hinges on unity of people, national coherence’
‘Jordan’s stability hinges on unity of people, national coherence’
By JT - Jun 06,2017 - Last updated at Jun 06,2017
His Majesty King Abdullah addresses senior army and security officers at a meeting that followed an iftar banquet in Amman on Monday (Photo courtesy of Royal Court)
AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Monday stressed that Jordan's resilience and stability stem from the strength and solidarity of its people, a Royal Court statement said.
During a meeting that followed an iftar banquet held for military and security senior officers and ex-servicemen, the King said Jordanians have to stand together to protect the Kingdom and reform economy and society in order to overcome challenges. 
His Majesty said that the priority is to modrnise the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF) to keep up with the latest developments and restructure the military and exisiting systems to increase competence and efficiency, in addition to focusing on quality rather than quantity, without compromising manpower.
He expressed pride over JAF’s ability to handle challenges, stressing his full confidence in the military’s ability to manage the situation on the northern border and the army’s high capability to respond effectively to any threat.
During the meeting, the King outlined the regional situation and the security strategies to deal with its repercussions.  
King Abdullah highlighted the importance of supporting the Economic and Social Association of Retired Servicemen and Veterans and enhancing its role, in addition to supporting military and security retirees and providing them with job opportunities.
His Majesty noted that the plans to develop JAF include improving the living conditions of members of the military and security agencies.
In this regard, the King thanked the UAE for continuous support, especially in funding the establishment of a training centre and a housing project for JAF.
For his part, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff Lt. Gen. Mahmoud Freihat said that, upon Royal directives, JAF would not enter any neighbouring country, yet it would “respond with an iron fist” to any person or group who try to cross or threaten border security.
He noted that the region is witnessing accelerating challenges that are resulting from conflicts among countries and terrorist groups that are increasing day by day, stressing the readiness of the Jordanian forces to deal with the situation.
The army chief said that upon Royal directives work is under way to restructure the army with focus on quality and reconsideration of tasks and roles of military units to improve their performance. 
For his part, Director General of the Economic and Social Association of Retired Servicemen and Veterans retired Maj. Gen. Ahmad Ali Ayed Ajarmeh said that the association, established 40 years ago for a “noble mission”, has not been able to reach the level that His Majesty wanted it to, neither has it fulfilled the needs of the retirees.
Ajarmeh said that the King has directed concerned parties to restructure the association in accordance with the modified law, support its projects, establish a credit portfolio to extend loans to beneficiaries and focus on training retirees to be able to enter the labour market, thus improve their living standards.
During the meeting, attending retirees presented their opinions and proposals on developing the association.
Ajarmeh underlined a JD1-million donation that has been made by JAF and the security agencies, to address urgent needs of retirees.
He also noted that the association employs 8,000 retirees or retirees’ family members and sponsors 141 cooperative societies. 
His Majesty joined the soldiers in performing Maghreb (sunset) prayers.
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