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Now available: 1,500+ additional photographs from Panos Pictures
Posted in Collections, Humanities & Social Sciences, Photographs, Release, Uncategorized on May 9, 2017| 1 Comment »
Jeremy Horner. Devotees at the Krishna Temple of Shriji, during Lathmar Holi. 2011. © Jeremy Horner / Panos Pictures. Image and original data provided by Panos Pictures.
Panos Pictures is contributing 1,511 additional photographs of contemporary global issues to the Artstor Digital Library, increasing our holdings from their archive to more than 33,000 images. Recent materials document some of the most significant events and forces of the last decade: the refugee crisis as it plays out in camps in Greece, Kurdistan, and Myanmar; the effects of Ebola; and the worldwide implications of climate change and drought.
Panos Pictures was founded as a photo agency in 1986 by the current director Adrian Evans (it was originally linked to Panos London, an organization that promoted the freedom of the media and proliferation of information and debate in developing countries). In 2011, the 25th anniversary of the agency, Evans expressed its ethic: “We believe in the photography of ideas. Not content with merely witnessing, Panos photographers seek out stories that matter with the aim of interpreting rather than simply recording. We are not afraid to take a position on current events or contemporary issues and offer perspectives that challenge commonly held assumptions.” The name Panos, a classical Greek term meaning beacon, defines the mission. For more than three decades Panos Pictures has worked with the commercial and nonprofit sectors, to campaign and to communicate with new and diverse audiences through a range of media including exhibitions, multimedia, books and video, and long-term documentary projects. (more…)
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Artstor Tips for Semester Startup
Posted in Uncategorized on February 3, 2017| Leave a Comment »
Jacobello dalle Masegne and Pier Paolo dalle Masegne; Tomb of Giovanni da Legnano; detail of Students Reading; Museo civico, Bologna. © 2006, SCALA, Florence / ART RESOURCE, N.Y.
Back at school and looking to get started working in Artstor? Here are some tips and reminders from the experts in User Services to help you get started.
  1. Register for an account (if you haven’t already). Registering allows you to access Artstor from anywhere (your couch, a coffee shop, or even on-the-go with Artstor Mobile). Remember to create an account ahead of time for easy access before important research deadlines. Instructions are available here.
  2. Already registered? Log in to your account once while you’re on campus. This will reset your remote access and get you back to surfing Artstor in your PJs in no time.
  3. Use Image Groups to compile images for papers and projects ahead of time. Tip: create groups for each of your papers or presentations so you can refer back to your images as you work. Learn more here.
  4. Bookmark our LibGuides and support site–they’re great resources for when you need help working with Artstor. We also have quick video tutorials on our YouTube Channel.
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On the origin of Veterans Day
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Unknown photographer, Rusty Gizmo enjoying some company, 1944. Special Collections and Archives, Trexler Library, Muhlenberg College
C.C. Beall, 7th War Bond “Now… All Together,” 1945. Bucknell University: World War II Posters
Armistice Day became Veterans Day in the United States in 1954. While the holiday is also known as Remembrance Day in other countries and celebrates the end of World War I, the name change in the United States reflects its emphasis on honoring military veterans.
The two objectives were mentioned in a speech on the first Armistice Day, November 11, 1919, by President Woodrow Wilson:
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Artstor and JSTOR together again at the Charleston Conference
Posted in Events, Uncategorized on October 20, 2016| Leave a Comment »
Good news – Artstor and JSTOR are back together again in Charleston exploring new ways to bring you images and journals, books, and primary sources for education and research. This October 31 to November 5, celebrate with us at tables 95 and 36—sign up for our raffle and pick up some stylish swag! And don’t forget to join us for our panel:
First-Time Digital Collection Building: How to Manage Time, Resources, and Expectations
November 4, 3:35 PM
This panel brings together a group of librarians who have created their first institutional digital collections within the last year. You will learn about strategies, workflows, resource allocation, and lessons learned–everything you need to know about getting your own project up and running. Attendees will also be invited to give feedback to help the group realize best practices.
Panel members: Dave Chatham, Library Director, Presbyterian College; Maryska Connolly-Brown, Technical Services Librarian, Hampden-Sydney College; David Wiseman, Manager of Library Information Systems, Roanoke College
Moderator: Erin McCall, Senior Implementation Manager, Artstor
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Japanese maps and prints from the University of British Columbia Library
Posted in Uncategorized on June 27, 2016| Leave a Comment »
Takashima Kazuyuki; Detailed map of the developed port of Yokohama; 1859. Image and original data courtesy of University of British Columbia Library, Rare Books and Special Collections
Artstor and the University of British Columbia are now making available approximately 350 Japanese maps and prints from the UBC Library’s Tokugawa collection.
The University of British Columbia Library (UBC Library) is one of the largest academic libraries in Canada and consistently ranks among the top university research libraries in North America. UBC Library has 14 branches and divisions, two campuses (Vancouver and Kelowna), one off-site hospital library, and the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre – a multi-purpose teaching and learning facility. (more…)
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Now available: East Asian rock-cut caves and South Asian art from David Efurd
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Kondane Caves, Caves 1 & 2; 100 BCE; India, Maharashtra. Image and original data provided by David Efurd © David Efurd
Artstor and David Efurd are now sharing approximately 10,000 images of rock-cut Buddhist caves, sites, sculptures, and monasteries in India and Korea; Hindu and Jain sites; and ancient and medieval sculptures from museums in India.
Between the 3rd century BCE and the 10th century CE, Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain temples and monasteries were carved into stone cliffs in India. Efurd documented well-known, highly embellished cave sites such as Ajanta, Ellora, Bhaja, Karli, Elephanta, Jogeshvari, and Udaigiri, as well as lesser-known sites like Karadh, Kondana, and Dhamnar. Efurd also photographed many other archaeological sites and works in various museums, such as the Indian Museum in Calcutta. (more…)
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