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13 Dec 2016 - 6 Jul 2018
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Eduard Fredericus Plandsoen
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Helen Ikua
Commission of inquiry to investigate commission of inquiry to investigate commission of inquiry, it gets really old at some point, it really does. And it's funny how an oxymoronic mind set of conscious somnambulism is continually perpetuated by governments who like to think themselves fully awake and alive to the needs of their citizenry. And who's surprised really when a foreign owned mine sees fit to treat its workers like cattle whose only need is to be put out to pasture, especially when a so called post-independence African government sees fit to mow down 34 of its own citizens whose only crime is to protest the dastardly conditions under which they work, and such woeful conditions being a state of being that was clearly being perpetuated with the neglectful connivance of these mine workers' own African government? Now it's possible that a clearly apparent geodesic line of logic may not be immediately obvious to the somnambulistic, but foreign owned companies do tend to treat their employees just as poorly as the host government allows them to. Goes to show doesn't it, never wake the somnolent much less the wilfully obtuse.