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Alumni Access to JSTOR
November 02, 2018 15:40 Updated
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Alumni Access Overview
Some universities offer JSTOR access as a perk of joining the alumni association. On this page you will find links to some the alumni association pages that provide alumni association members with access to JSTOR. However, this is not a comprehensive list, and many alumni associations offer access in other ways. We cover what to do in that scenario here as well.
Does my Institution Provide Alumni Access?
Here are just some of the participating institutions who have shared their alumni login page with us:
What if I don't see my Alumni Association on this page?
Fear not, you may still be able to get access even if your school is not listed here. The best way to find out whether your institution provides alumni access to JSTOR is to contact your alumni association directly. A quick search on your preferred search engine for your school name plus "alumni association" should take you where you need to go to find out whether your school's association participates in the JSTOR for alumni program. Some alumni associations provide access to alumni for free, others provide access with an alumni association membership package. They'll be able to help from there!
Participation Steps for Alumni Associations
Want to offer access to JSTOR for your alumni? Institutions can contact us to learn about participation.
The program is open to eligible higher education institutions worldwide, excepting institutions that have low or no-cost access via the Developing Nations Access Initiative or African Access Initiative. Alumni Access is licensed as a single, separate collection covering all JSTOR archive journal content licensed by the institution. The participation fee is 10% of the institution’s total Annual Access Fee (AAF), and can be billed separately from the institution’s archive collections.
Subscribing institutions must support the bifurcation of alumni from their main JSTOR account via one of the following methods:
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October 09, 2017 13:36
Signing in has become VERY CUMBERSOME & TIME CONSUMING now that I have to go to my university and sign in and then come back to JSTOR.  It would be much simpler if, using a USER NAME (or e-mail address) which you have on file and as formerly could be done.  Your new method is NOT HELPFUL.  Why must you do this?
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