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13 Dec 2016 - 6 Jul 2018
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Amnesty International
Nov 21, 2016
"We all have some experience of injustice at some point in our lives, and it’s not something we would want others to endure. Wherever we go, we should ask if people are being treated with dignity irrespective of their identities or beliefs."
"You will be surprised how powerful your own voice can be"
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Redha Bendridi
Emergency SOS / International Crimes
Call for an immediate meeting of the United Nations Security Council, and constitute an International Investigation Commission. There are International Crimes in Algeria. - Sauvez l'Algérie et son peuple
Sauvez l'Algérie et son peuple
P. Huap
Government Also have to obey the law.
I am from Taiwan. People in this small island, half want independent from China, half don't, and conflict seriously The Independents win the president election in 2016. The independents began to oppress who don't agree with them in undercover.

Due to the fiercely confront of different political position in Taiwan. Some government officers abuse their authority to support criminals to oppress their opponents.
I bought a new car from Toyota this year in Taiwan. Toyota should sell me a "clean" new car! But I got my new car with GPS tracing unit and other harmful devices installed by some Toyota`s employees.
This is invasion of my body badly! Some government officers are also the devil hide in the dark shadow! No matter how righteous they look like! What a SCANDAL!
These evil extremists are tring to use ioning-radiation to murder their opponents including me and my family course they could hide their evil crimes. Help!
My car's ID: ATA-8306
Salemzobic Zobic
انقدو اسرانا فى ليبيا
Abdul Ghaffar
Hanif Shahid
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mrehman njoshi
Very very happy i am thanks for your respons
M Rehman joshi
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