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13 Aug 2014 - 16 Sep 2016
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About Google News
Google News is a computer-generated news service that aggregates headlines from more than 50,000 news sources worldwide, groups similar stories together, and displays them according to each reader's interests.
Traditionally, when reading the news, you first pick a publication and then look for headlines that interest you. With Google News, you can discover and access news articles in a different way, with more personalization options and a wider variety of perspectives from which to choose. On Google News you will see links to several articles on every story, so you can first decide what subject interests you and then select which publishers' accounts of each story you'd like to read. Click on the headline that interests you, and you'll go directly to the site which published that story.
Our articles and multimedia content are selected and ranked by computers that evaluate, among other factors, how often and on what sites a story appears online. We also rank based on certain characteristics of news content such as freshness, location, relevance and diversity. As a result, stories are sorted without regard to political viewpoint or ideology, and you can choose from a wide variety of perspectives on any given story. We'll continue to improve Google News by adding sources, fine-tuning our technology and providing Google News to readers in even more regions.
For more information about how to get the most out of the latest features available on Google News, you may want to read about Personalization, News for mobile and tablet devices, News Alerts, Source Preference, and Editors' Picks.
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