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27 Mar 2017 - 25 Apr 2017
Google News Help
Check top news stories
Read news stories and features using Google News.
Read top stories on Google News
  1. Go to news.google.com.
  2. Under "Top Stories," each headline highlights a news story. To see more coverage of a story, like related videos and articles, to the right of the title, click the double arrow.
    To read updates as they happen, below the image, click See realtime coverage.
Read longer featured articles
The Spotlight section includes longer articles, in-depth analyses, and stories that are relevant for longer periods. To read these stories, in the topic list on the left, click Spotlight.
This section can’t be removed from the menu.
Check sports scores
If you're in the US and are using a computer, you'll see games of the day on the right of news.google.com.
To see the full name of a team, point at the abbreviation.
To see more games for a league, click the arrow at the bottom of the league’s section.
To see recent news about a league, click the league name.
To see recent news about a team, click the team’s name.
To add a sport or league, learn how to create a custom section.
Remove a league or the entire section
At the top right of the sports section, click 
To remove a league, next to the league’s name, click  
See labels for news stories
Google News shows groups of articles about the same news event. To see more articles on a story, to the right of the title, click or tap the arrow. Some articles might be labeled as follows:
In-Depth: a longer article about the story
Fact check: an article with fact-checking of claims that have been made in large news stories
Local Source: an article from a source local to the story
From [location]: an article from an international source
Highly Cited: the article that appears to be most frequently cited by other articles
Most Referenced: web content that appears to be linked to from other articles the most frequently
Opinion: an opinion on the story
Satire: a humorous article about the story
Live Updating: live coverage of a news story
Wikipedia: a Wikipedia article that helps give context and background
Your preferred source: an article from a source you've marked as a favorite
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Check top news stories
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