National Death Tolls for the Second World War
This chart contains my best estimate for national death tolls during the Second World War. Click the links for sources and details.
 Axis MilitaryAllied MilitaryCiviliansEurope-North AfricaAsia-PacificTOTAL
Soviet Union 8,668,00016,900,0008,660,0008,00025.6m
China240,0001,757,0008,000,000 1,997,00010.0m
Poland 123,0006,028,000123,000 6.1m
Germany3,500,000 1,600,0003,500,000 5.1m
East Indies  4,000,000  4.0m
Japan2,566,000 672,000 2,566,0003.2m
India 49,0003,000,00042,0007,0003.0m
French Indochina  2,000,000  2.0m
Yugoslavia 305,0001,200,000305,000 1.5m
Romania350,000170,000300,000520,000 0.8m
France3,000250,000350,000250,000 0.6m
Czechoslovakia200,00046,000294,000246,000 540,000
Great Britain 403,00093,000397,0006,000496,000
Italy280,00067,00093,000347,000 440,000
Hungary136,000 294,000136,000 430,000
USA 405,0009,000309,00096,000414,000
Korea  400,000  400,000
Greece 17,000325,00017,000 342,000
Netherlands 8,000200,0008,000 208,000
Philippines 27,000100,000 27,000127,000
Belgium 9,00076,0009,000 85,000
Finland80,000 3,00080,000 83,000
Recurring Sources for WW2
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Appendix A: Battle Deaths in Major WW2 Campaigns
(Includes missing, but not POWs. According to John Ellis, World War II : a statistical survey (Facts on File, 1993) unless otherwise noted.)
Major Battles of WW2:
Appendix B: Holocaust Deaths by Nation
Total Jews killed from within pre-war borders.
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