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  African American Studies(19 titles)
  African Studies(58 titles)
  American Indian Studies(8 titles)
  American Studies(80 titles)
  Anthropology(88 titles)
  Aquatic Sciences(15 titles)
  Archaeology(111 titles)
  Architecture & Architectural History(43 titles)
  Art & Art History(171 titles)
  Asian Studies(128 titles)
  Astronomy(1 title)
  Bibliography(16 titles)
  Biological Sciences(159 titles)
  Botany & Plant Sciences(82 titles)
  British Studies(7 titles)
  Business(209 titles)
  Classical Studies(71 titles)
  Communication Studies(8 titles)
  Criminology & Criminal Justice(11 titles)
  Development Studies(21 titles)
  Developmental & Cell Biology(4 titles)
  Ecology & Evolutionary Biology(68 titles)
  Economics(178 titles)
  Education(172 titles)
  Engineering(9 titles)
  Environmental Science(39 titles)
  Environmental Studies(5 titles)
  Feminist & Women's Studies(35 titles)
  Film Studies(19 titles)
  Finance(29 titles)
  Folklore(16 titles)
  Garden & Landscape(2 titles)
  General Science(28 titles)
  Geography(29 titles)
  Geology(4 titles)
  Health Policy(16 titles)
  Health Sciences(30 titles)
  History(319 titles)
  History of Science & Technology(33 titles)
  Horticulture(3 titles)
  International Relations(51 titles)
  Irish Studies(48 titles)
  Jewish Studies(58 titles)
  Labor & Employment Relations(26 titles)
  Language & Literature(335 titles)
  Latin American Studies(55 titles)
  Law(126 titles)
  Library Science(14 titles)
  Linguistics(54 titles)
  Management & Organizational Behavior(33 titles)
  Marketing & Advertising(13 titles)
  Mathematics(60 titles)
  Middle East Studies(63 titles)
  Music(75 titles)
  Paleontology(11 titles)
  Peace & Conflict Studies(12 titles)
  Performing Arts(20 titles)
  Philosophy(127 titles)
  Political Science(177 titles)
  Population Studies(25 titles)
  Psychology(31 titles)
  Public Health(13 titles)
  Public Policy & Administration(36 titles)
  Religion(126 titles)
  Slavic Studies(18 titles)
  Social Work(17 titles)
  Sociology(145 titles)
  Statistics(34 titles)
  Technology(11 titles)
  Transportation Studies(6 titles)
  Urban Studies(14 titles)
  Zoology(43 titles)
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