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October 24, 2017
Canada's Quebec clarifies niqab ban in face of criticism
MONTREAL — Quebec, facing criticism over a new law that prohibits people wearing face coverings from getting government services in the Canadian province, on Tuesday said it would only apply in certain cases and will not limit access to emergency services. The mainly French-speaking province last week passed the law, which does not specify which face coverings are prohibited but has largely focused debate on the niqab worn by some Muslim ...
October 24, 2017
US partisan split widening over Russia probe — court documents
WASHINGTON — Top Democrats in the US House of Representatives are refusing to endorse a Republican move to find out who paid the firm that commissioned a dossier alleging ties between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russia, a court document made public on Monday showed. The split is the latest sign of partisan feuding that current and former US officials say is undercutting a House Intelligence Committee probe into Russia's reported ...
October 24, 2017
India top court bans dirty fuel to fight Delhi's bad air
NEW DELHI — India's top court Tuesday banned the use of petroleum coke — a cheap but dirty fuel — in New Delhi's neighboring states, the latest crackdown aimed at improving air quality in one of the most polluted cities in the world. The Supreme Court also ordered a ban on the sale and use of furnace oil — a polluting refinery by-product — in industries in the states of Haryana, ...
October 24, 2017
Myanmar, Bangladesh agree to cooperate on Rohingya refugee repatriation
NAYPYITAW — Myanmar and Bangladesh on Tuesday agreed to cooperate on the repatriation of Rohingya refugees and took steps to boost border security as relations between the neighbors have been strained by the continuing flow of refugees into Bangladesh. Over 600,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar since Aug. 25, when Rohingya insurgent attacks sparked a ferocious military response by the Myanmar army that the United Nations has called ethnic cleansing. At ...
October 24, 2017
Senators push bill requiring warrant for US data under spy law
WASHINGTON — A bipartisan group of a dozen US senators introduced on Tuesday legislation that would require the National Security Agency to obtain a warrant for queries of data on Americans under an internet surveillance program. The effort, led by Democrat Ron Wyden and Republican Rand Paul, would reform other aspects of the warrantless program. The bill is likely to complicate congressional renewal of a portion of a spying law due ...
October 24, 2017
Italy calls confidence votes in Senate on new electoral law
ROME — Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni's government on Tuesday called a series of confidence votes to pass a new electoral law as the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, which is likely to be hurt by the new legislation, pledged to protest on the streets. The government is resorting to the confidence votes to avoid secret voting in the Senate, where it has a narrow majority and at least four members of the ...
October 24, 2017
A striking row, even for Trump: New war of words with Corker
WASHINGTON — In a startling verbal assault on the president of his own party, Republican Sen. Bob Corker charged Tuesday that Donald Trump "debases our nation" with constant untruths, name calling and bullying, and will leave behind a sad legacy of damaging division. A furious Trump lashed back over Twitter, calling Corker "incompetent," saying he "doesn't have a clue" and claiming the two-term lawmaker "couldn't get elected dog catcher in Tennessee." The ...
October 24, 2017
Airlines get ready for new U.S. security rules from Thursday
WASHINGTON — New rules on all US-bound flights take effect on Thursday including stricter passenger screening to comply with government security measures designed to avoid expanding an in-cabin ban on laptops, airlines said Tuesday. Airlines contacted by Reuters said the new measures, which could include short security interviews with passengers, would be in place by Thursday. They will affect 325,000 airline passengers on about 2,000 commercial flights arriving daily in the United ...
October 24, 2017
US helps Pakistan, Afghanistan improve trauma care
By Emily Louise Bowman WASHINGTON — U.S. doctors who have been working with Pakistan to improve emergency medical care are expanding into Afghanistan with hopes of helping trauma treatment in the war-torn region. With support from the US National Institutes of Health, Johns Hopkins University is expanding the International Collaborative Trauma and Injury Research Training Program — an advanced research-and-doctoral training program in Pakistan. After working with Aga Khan University and others ...
October 24, 2017
Sold for $7, child slave lifts lid on life as Indian maid
BISWANATH, India - When she was a little over knee high, Badaik's father took her on a trip. They walked through lush tea gardens, boarded a bus and reached "somewhere".As she took in the sights, her father turned back and went home, leaving her at the doorstep of a "nice house".He had sold her into slavery for 500 rupees ($7.70).Badaik grew up working as a maid in the northeast Indian ...
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