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29 Sep 2011 - 7 Feb 2019
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For more than 20 years, leading publishers have outsourced the marketing of reprints, E-Prints, & licensing to PARS International.

Our dedicated team knows publisher guidelines, policies and preferences, and proactively markets editorial licensing as part of comprehensive, personalized campaigns. We help customers make the most of editorial coverage — and their own marketing dollars — speeding approvals to strike while the iron is hot.
The PARS team stays current on publisher policies as well as changing copyright laws. Engaging PARS to handle usage rights:
Leverages coverage in real time
Simplifies negotiations
Speeds turnaround times
Maximizes brand value
Upholds editorial integrity
Minimizes risk of liability
Unleash the power of positive press! What they say about your company matters — especially when it comes from a respected news, consumer, or trade publication. Incorporating the logo, accolade or review into your marketing literature, sales and newsletters, Website copy, annual reports, trade show displays significantly enhances your message and lends credibility to your company.
PARS can negotiate proper use of excerpts and logos in accordance with industry and publisher guidelines within a reasonable time frame.
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