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External Links
Correlates of War External Links
Professional Organizations
American Political Science Association
European Political Science Association
Eurasian Peace Science Network 
International Political Science Association
International Studies Association
Network for European Peace Scientists 
Peace Science Society (International) 
Society for Political Methodology 
Women in Conflict Studies 
Related Data
These data sets either employ Correlates of War country codes, derive from, or build upon, core COW datasets (e.g. alliance, militarized dispute, war, state membership data) and are largely compatible with COW coding rules and other COW data sets.
The Alliance Treaty Obligation and Provisions (ATOP) Project
Behavioral Correlates of War
EUGene Software
CShapes: (historical maps of state/capital boundaries)
International Crisis Behavior (ICB) Data Archive 
The Issue Correlates of War (ICOW) 
The Computational Event Data System (follow-on to the KEDS System)  
Minorities at Risk Project 
Gleditsch's Polity-D Data 
Polity IV Project 
Revolutionary Leader Dataset 
SHERFACS Crisis Data Archive 
Tatu Vanhanen's Polyarchy Data Archive
Peace and Rivalry data from Goertz, Diehl, and Balas. These data are described in Goertz, G., Diehl, P. and Balas, A. 2016. The Puzzle of Peace: Explaining the Rise of Peace in the International System.  Oxford University Press.
Other Major Data Projects
These represent a selection of the major resources and data sets frequently used by scholars in quantitative international relations. These links represent not simply replication data sets, but time-series-cross-sectional datasets on core variables.
PRIO Armed Conflict Data
Uppsala Conflict Data ProgramUCDP Program overview,
Stockholm International Peace Research (SIPRI) databases
Freedom House data
Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) data
United Nations Statistics Division  
Penn World Tables 
International Monetary Fund (IMF) data 
Kristian Skrede Gleditsch and Michael Ward's Interstate System data
Kristian Skrede Gleditsch's Expanded Trade data
Kristian Skrede Gleditsch's Minimum Distance data
Kristian Skrede Gleditsch's Expanded War data
The Logic of Political Survival data source  
Human Security Centre 
Correlates of War Book Series from CQ Press
This book series is a result of a collaboration between the COW Project and CQ Press. 
International Military Alliances: 1648-2008. (2008). Douglas M. Gibler. 
Resort to War: 1816-2007. (2010). Meredith Reid Sarkees and Frank Whelon Wayman.  
Handbook of International Rivalries. (2011). William R. Thompson and David Dreyer.
Useful Documents
These documents contain particularly helpful discussions or information about data sets in international relations.
Kristine Eck's "Beginner's Guide to Conflict Data" (UCDP) 

Correlates of War meeting at Peace Science 2017 Oct 19, 2017
Will Moore's Passing May 03, 2017
State System Membership (v2016) now available. Feb 27, 2017
Trade (v4.0) now available. Feb 20, 2017
Colonial/Dependency Contiguity v3.1 available Feb 17, 2017
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