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An irregular and intermittent collection of links to help us understand where we came from and how we got here, and who we had to step over and/or sleep with in our merciless climb to the top.
14 May 2006 [make link]
28 March 2006 [make link]
The Movie Timeline is the history of everything you see in the movies.
  • Will Graham captures Hannibal Lecter (Manhunter; Red Dragon)
  • March: The Earth's population - except Dr Robert Neville - is killed or turned into mutants by biological warfare between Russia and China (The Omega Man)
  • Los Angeles - Austin Powers arrives at Studio 69 from 2003 to rescue his father from Goldmember (Austin Powers in Goldmember)
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8 Feb. 2006 [make link]
Pictures of Muhammad throughout​history
6 Feb. 2006 [make link]
The original Nigerian Scam was the Spanish Prisoner​.
25 Jan. 2006 [make link]
Does this mean we're allowed to sell skulls on e-bay as long as they aren't Native American?
21 Jan. 2006 [make link]
Bottom line: is King Kong plausible or not?
3 Dec. 2005 [make link]
2 Dec. 2005 [make link]
1 Dec. 2005: An Off-Topic Christmas Suggestion [make link]
Here's a quick way to double the value of your Christmas gift giving. Instead of buying your sister/nephew/friend a book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, buy it from a small independent book store. Instead of mobbing Petsmart or Toys R Us or, God forbid, Walmart, shop locally. Instead of paying $15 dollars to a huge, heartless multinational, pay it to a neighbor who needs your business. That instantly doubles the karma value of your gift. And even if it's a tiny bit more expensive, that extra dollar you spend at a smaller store supports your local economy.
9 Nov. 2005 [make link]
7 Nov. 2005 [make link]
Medieval Lion Skulls Reveal Secrets of Tower of London Zoo
7 Nov. 2005 [make link]
Maunsell Sea Forts
3 Nov. 2005 [make link]
We've had false alarms before.
26 Oct. 2005 [make link]
23 Oct. 2005 [make link]
22 Oct. 2005 [make link]
13 Oct. 2005 [make link]
Archaeologists (or is it just journalists?) can be a cold-blooded lot:
"The team discovered the twisted, tangled skeletons of a community that died horribly in some forgotten catastr...Oh, look! Noodles​!"
10 Oct. 2005 [make link]
The coolest history topic ever: death​rays of the ancient Greeks.
9 Oct. 2005 [make link]
8 Oct. 2005 [make link]
When they began talking about the cost of the destruction and rebuilding from Katrina, I made a list to try and understand how much money that really is.
7 Oct. 2005 [make link]
6 Oct. 2005 [make link]
5 Oct. 2005 [make link]
3 Sept. 2005 [make link]
The number displaced by Katrina is the highest in US history, and probably among the top ten in the world at the moment​. Counting the dead could take decades​. And while we're studying history, remember that everyone knew this was going to happen sooner orlater.
14 August 2005 [make link]
I've been lazy this summer (except for one big project) but I just designed this chart of nuclear proliferation​.
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