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13 Dec 2016 - 06 Jul 2018
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Amnesty International
Nov 21, 2016
"We all have some experience of injustice at some point in our lives, and it’s not something we would want others to endure. Wherever we go, we should ask if people are being treated with dignity irrespective of their identities or beliefs."
"You will be surprised how powerful your own voice can be"
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Amir Nazary
We want to be a human rights reporter in Iran
layzer japhet
How to report the violators of human right and secure I will be in my own country
layzer japhet
+layzer japhet being tortured and discriminated in your own country is more than painfully
muhammad saleh Tanoli
there are a lot stores of credulity for women children i am happy to join forum like this i want to play my role bvavley and honestly i bring my stories with full proofs to you your,s greatfull
Mutta Adrian
Your excellency,

In support of Noura Hussein's justice,

I am writing with regard to the case of Noura Hussein Hamad, a 19-year-old who was sentenced to death on 10 May 2018 for killing her rapist husband. Noura is a victim of marital rape and she should not be killed for defending herself.

I am writing to ask the Sudanese government to repeal the death penalty against Noura, and allow her a retrial considering her mitigating circumstances.

Thank you.

Scott Hall
Glass window Decal stickers { there design of the vertical integral line with barbwire }

Me being a victim of hurendis police indergression and in need of you assistance for 20 year and year two years of sunday now with my partner Emma Watson !

In one nutshell ; when using interetity lines please save the viewing !

Scott Bryant Hall
Tshiamo Cabuzah Kegakolotswe
Pls save life of an innocent soul, she is nt a criminal, she acted on self defense the young lady was helpless she needs to be protected let us join efforts nd try to save an innocent life
muhammad sagir bn Abdullahi hunter soro
Very disheartening about the so called committee (yan komiti) in Bauchi. The committee is a form of vigilante group and also a disciplinary group that works with the full support of the state government, it's a very welcoming idea which was formulated during the popularly known group of Sara Suka, different groups of gangsters from different areas in the state who engages themselves in all kind of dirty works even to the extent of killings. Indeed the committee has done a very commendable job as they stand firm to fight those criminal acts.
However, these committee members are youths that are living in the streets, youths without means of living, youths without future and also youths with out discipline. How can we expect such committee members to impact discipline to the society when they are all drunkards, how can they protect the liberty of the citizens when they can exercise there activity beyond constitutional provision, how can they protect the lives of the citizens when they can't differentiate right from wrong, these are people who on occasions beats citizens immensely to the extent of killing.
I'm now confused about the work of the committee, is it to protect or to destroy lives? Yet people are quiet and keep watching the transgressing activities of these people.
Today, Friday 15th June 2018, I was outside at Wayan Makafi area waiting for my tailor to finish my clothes for Sallah celebration at around 12:15am, a group of children between the age of 7-16 were playing the Hausa traditional tashe songs as a sign of Eid celebration, these so called committee appeared from nowhere with big sticks and lashes and started beating these young people so hard all around their body without minding the implications it might cause. The beating was so immense that one can hear the crying of these young people and sounds of the lashes from 50 metres away, from my own view.
My question now is that, is there anybody that is over and above the constitution in Nigeria? Is there any provision of the constitution that allows beating of citizen by any vigilante group?Then why are these bunch of uneducated ignorant youths given the mandate to exercise power in excess? Why is it that the discipline of a great society given to these irresponsible people? Why is it that we care less for our future generations and care more for ourselves? Is there anybody over 30 years who was ever beating by any authority just because he was engaged in traditional play? If no then why this generation?
I'm urging the relevant authorities to please look into this matter and take proper action to stop these kinds of transgressions. Any authority saddle with the responsibility to bring discipline and peace to the society needs to go through trainings and orientations which I believe these people lack all.
I'm calling for the scrapping of Committee (yan komiti) in Bauchi or for restructuring to avoid transgressing limits and saving the lives of our young


Concerned citizen.

Mikal De Valia
+muhammad sagir bn Abdullahi hunter soro Study Socrates and do better. He is where Democracy began, to be historically valid. His life and death and ideology must be deeply understood for anyone seeking real democratic change and reform.
Tajuddin Celebes - Home cari nabi Muhammad
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