13 Dec 2016 - 06 Jul 2018
Amnesty International
Aug 21, 2016
Salwa is stuck in Softex camp with three of her children and her husband, who cannot walk because of a slipped disc. She is scared of the fights that take place daily. Europe must share the responsibility for offering protection to these refugees but right now, Greece must urgently address the inhumane conditions for refugees it is hosting: http://amn.st/6260B2LHi #MessagesFromGreece
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Pure Rapp
got to love the left
SyedJohn Islam
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Mikal De Valia
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Ahmed M. Karam
Bravo, thanks Greece.
Mikal De Valia
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muhammad saleh Tanoli
Why>>///we seeming a lot crazy steps by every country bu powerful athruties which never are not lawful or fair only clue is might is right..But we should think this all is right.
My self i am victim of my district officer on some kind of that services which i do not like with the direction and power of a Member of Provencal Assembly people which should solve our problems the are trouble and misery maker for some specified and Target people .
Thus i terminated with 12 years service without any benefits;he said me if you crying then we can keep quite you?
in this situation a poor or powerless person what can do
my voice is for every weak and needy person male or female but i too need your,s help and voice for me i am too in very serious maters ..i have a big family of 08 members which depend to me i hope here be a strength and a power full support for me..your,s bro muhammad saleh
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