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Death warrant of Charles I
HLRO Main Papers (1660)
At the high Co[ur]t of Justice for the tryinge and iudginge of Charles Steuart Kinge of England January xxixth Anno D[omi]ni 1648.
Whereas Charles Steuart Kinge of England is and standeth convicted attaynted and condemned of High Treason and other high Crymes, And sentence uppon Saturday last ˆ was pronounced against him by this by this Co[ur]t to be putt to death by the severinge of his head from his body Of w[hi]ch sentence execuc[i]on yet remayneth to be done, These are therefore to will and require you to see the said sentence executed In the open Streete before Whitehall uppon the morrowe being the Thirtieth day of this instante moneth of January betweene the houres of Tenn in the morninge and Five in the afternooone of the same day w[i]th full effect And for soe doing this shall be yo[u]r sufficient warrant And these are to require All Officers and Souldiers and other the good people of this Nation of England to be assistinge unto you in this service Given under o[ur] hands and Seales
To Colonell Francis Hacker, Colonell Huncks Har. WallerHen. SmythA. GarlandSymon MayneTho. Wogan
and Lieutenant Colonell Phayre and to every of them. John BlakistonPer. PelhamEdm. LudloweTho. HortonJohn Venn
M. LiverseyJ. HutchinsonRi. DeaneHenry MartenJ. JonesGregory Clement
Jo. BradshaweJohn OkeyWilli. GoffeRobert TichborneVinct. PotterJohn MooreJo. Downes
Tho. GreyJ. Da[n]versTho. PrideH. EdwardesWm. ConstableGilbt. MillingtonTho. Wayte
O. CromwellJo. BourchierPe. TempleDaniel BlagraveRich. IngoldesbyG. FleetwoodTho. Scot
Edw. WhalleyH. IretonT. HarrisonOwen RoweWilli. CawleyJ. AluredJo. Carew
 Tho. MaulevererJ. HewsonWillm. PurefoyJo. BarksteadRobt. LilburneMiles Corbet
   Ad. ScropeIsaa. EwerWill. Say 
   James TempleJohn DixwellAnth. Stapley 
    Valentine WautonGreg. Norton 
     Tho. Challoner 
Words in italics have been written over erasures; letters in square brackets represent contractions or abbreviations in the original
Note that the year was held to start on 25th March, and that therefore 29th January was correctly dated as 1648, and not 1649, as it would be reckoned today.
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