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The tabulated population figures are mostly based on census results and on official estimates. In some cases, e.g. if no current figures are available, calculations of »City Population« are presented. If suitable definitions of urban agglomerations are missing, own demarcations are used. Please, pay attention to table footnotes as well as to tooltips that are shown over figures in italics.
Population statistics are all of varying, and some of suspect accuracy. There are several reasons: poor currentness or accuracy of the investigation, disregarded boundary changes, errors in projections, census underenumeration and so on. »City Population« preferably presents comparable population figures. Thus, after boundary changes older population figures are – if possible – adapted to new demarcations. Population figures given for apparently the same place often differ because investigations (e.g., census with underenumeration or an adjusted estimate) or statuses (city, settlement, urban agglomeration, metropolitan area, etc.) are different. In case of doubts, please, take a look into the glossary.
For using and referencing data from »City Population«, please, observe the terms of use. Information about places selected by a user is often complemented by data from
Wikidata; please be aware that this part of content is not under control of »City Population«.
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»City Population« is referenced (among others) by: Britannica Book of the Year, Europa World Year Book, Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha.
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