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13 Oct 2017 - 28 May 2021
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Susan B. Glasser
Susan B. Glasser is a staff writer at The New Yorker, where she writes a weekly column on life in Trump’s Washington.
Glasser has served as the top editor of several Washington publications; most recently, she founded the award-winning Politico Magazine and went on to become the editor of Politico throughout the 2016 election cycle. She previously served as the editor-in-chief of Foreign Policy, which won three National Magazine Awards, among other honors, during her tenure.
Before that, she worked for a decade at the Washington Post, where she was the editor of Outlook and national news. She also oversaw coverage of the impeachment of Bill Clinton, served as a reporter covering the intersection of money and politics, spent four years as the Post’s Moscow co-bureau chief, and covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She is the author of “Kremlin Rising: Vladimir Putin and the End of Revolution,” which she co-wrote with her husband, Peter Baker.
She edited Roll Call, a Capitol Hill newspaper, early in her career.
Reading List: Susan B. Glasser recommends Patricia Marx’s “Pets Allowed,” about the confusion over what emotional-support animals can legally do.
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Letter from Trump’s Washington
“Trump Never Handles Anything Right”: The President Is Acting Like Saudi Arabia’s Lawyer in the Khashoggi Affair
Three weeks after the dissident journalist’s apparent murder, Donald Trump keeps finding new ways to prolong the crisis.
By Susan B. GlasserOctober 19, 2018
Letter from Trump’s Washington
The Increasingly Menacing Message of Donald Trump’s Rallies
I’m still watching the President’s rallies, because his words—radical, dangerous, and often untrue—are still the best way to understand him.
By Susan B. GlasserOctober 12, 2018
Letter from Trump’s Washington
“None of This Was Fair”: the Kavanaugh Nomination Marks the Triumph of Trumpism on Capitol Hill
For the President, the whole fight has been the kind of win he loves: divisive and loud, with enraged liberals sputtering and his political base riled up.
By Susan B. GlasserOctober 5, 2018
Letter from Trump’s Washington
“If They Can, They Will”: The Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing and the Angry Politics of Now
Truth was not the goal of Thursday’s hearing, nor will it be the outcome.
By Susan B. GlasserSeptember 27, 2018
Letter from Trump’s Washington
As Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination Teeters, Boom Times for Presidential Flattery
A Supreme Court standoff? Bad polls? Never mind. Poland wants to open Fort Trump.
By Susan B. GlasserSeptember 21, 2018
Letter from Trump’s Washington
“None of Them Is Where the President Is”: It’s Trump vs. Trumpworld Over North Korea
Is this what today’s “resistance” looks like inside the Trump Administration?
By Susan B. GlasserSeptember 14, 2018
Letter from Trump’s Washington
Crazytown: A Bob Woodward Book, an Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed, and a Growing Crisis for the Trump Presidency
Recent accounts from inside the White House are a reminder of the terrible dilemma that Trump has posed for Republicans since the moment he announced his campaign, and will pose as long as he is in office.
By Susan B. GlasserSeptember 6, 2018
Letter from Trump’s Washington
John McCain’s Funeral Was the Biggest Resistance Meeting Yet
Two ex-Presidents and one eloquent daughter teamed up to rebuke the pointedly uninvited Donald Trump.
By Susan B. GlasserSeptember 1, 2018
Letter from Trump’s Washington
“The Worst Hour of His Entire Life”: Cohen, Manafort, and the Twin Courtroom Dramas That Changed Trump’s Presidency
There is a crisis engulfing Trump’s Presidency, and it is a real one. But how, and when, will justice apply to Trump himself, if there is no one willing to apply it?
By Susan B. GlasserAugust 22, 2018
Letter from Trump’s Washington
“Rigged Witch Hunt,” Meet Trump’s “Red Wave”
The two fantasy story lines in the President’s unreality show.
By Susan B. GlasserAugust 17, 2018
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