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26 Mar 2016 - 04 Dec 2018
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Arabia Incognita
Arabia Incognita: Dispatches from Yemen and the Gulf
Edited by Sheila Carapico
Available from Just World Books
Arabia Incognita explores the background to the US-supported, Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen by tracing dynamics in the Arabian Peninsula from the 1960s through to the present. Reporting in the moment and often on the ground, the book’s contributors focus on socio-political struggles in Yemen and parallel disharmonies in the neighboring Gulf petro-kingdoms, placing them in the context of wider Middle Eastern politics and the American role in the region. The dispatches in this anthology were originally published by Middle East Report. They have been curated by renowned Yemen expert Sheila Carapico, who has also included engaging new commentary and graphic materials.
“Yemen is surely the most strategically important country to be so studiedly ignored in the West, and this volume gathering up incisive essays on its contemporary history and politics is essential reading.”—Juan Cole, University of Michigan
“Perfect for understanding the political economy, geopolitics and social relations of the region.”—Laleh Khalili, University of London, SOAS
Arabia Incognita is a collaboration between MERIP and Just World Books.

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