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Disqus Welcomes The Spruce!
Posted by Kathryn LaBarbera on September 26, 2018 • ... comments
Maintaining life inside our homes is no easy endeavor. We have pets to take care of, repairs to get done, laundry to clean, meals to cook… the list goes on. As much as we’d like to enjoy these tasks (and maybe we do sometimes), they often feel tedious, tiring, and at times, overwhelming. Cue, The Spruce.
The Spruce is a lifestyle goldmine (now with comments powered by Disqus😃) that brings excitement and ease to all things home, pet, food, and craft related. From conquering ordinary chores to taking on more consuming projects, The Spruce offers the necessary guides, tutorials, advice, and inspiration to help you be successful. Whether you’re looking for kitchen renovation advice, a guide to throwing a Tapas party, a killer dessert recipe (did someone say homemade nutella?), or housekeeping tips and tricks, they’ve got you covered.
Disqus is very excited to welcome The Spruce to our community and we want to invite commenters to check out their site and show them some love. Here’s what you can do:
Do you read The Spruce? If so, what are some of your favorite posts? Have you tried out any of the projects or recipes they offer?
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