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26 Jul 2017 - 27 Aug 2021
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Monetize Engagement
Opens up new, exclusive inventory
Without adding any additional code, Disqus unlocks new ad inventory that didn't exist before.
Flexible to meet your needs
Easily choose between several ad types and positions to optimize for your design and revenue goals.
Easy to use
We take care of the headache of integrations and provide ads from top demand partners.
You've just created new real estate, allowing me to monetize an area that I was not previously able to, without competing with other ads on my site
Choose where you advertise
Default, highest-performing position. Supports all ad types.
Exclusive inventory, only available from Disqus. Avoid conflicts with other ad content on your site.
Least intrusive to commenter experience. Supports multiple ad types.
Adaptive native ads
Disqus' native ads adapt to the look and feel of your site, creating a native experience.
Robust selection of ad types
Sponsored Story
Sponsored Links
IAB Display
Example of "Sponsored Story" ad type.
Yield optimization out of the box
Cross ad-type mediation
Allow multiple different ad-types to compete for your inventory to maximize CPM.
Header bidding
Take advantage of header bidding across Display partners to optimize yield.
How do I earn revenue with Disqus?
Publishers who are a good fit for our Reveal revenue share program based on our eligibility criteria will have the option to activate Reveal within a few days of installing Disqus.
Understand your success
Engage your audience
Ready to install Disqus? It only takes minutes to get up and running.
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