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21 Oct 2019 - 11 Aug 2020
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"US" Arama Sonuçları
Indian air force gets Apache boost from US
'Russia, US told of coming Turkish operation in Syria'
'Trump's immoral peace plan could blow up Middle East'
Ilhan Omar is impacting conversation of politics in US
Kim aide in Washington to prepare for US-N.Korea summit
Blast hurts US troops, kills passersby in Syrian Manbij
US education leader blasts Gulen-linked schools
Erdogan slams US’s claim that Turkey targets Kurds
US: Rashida Tlaib sworn in wearing Palestinian dress
US, YPG/PKK kill 165 Syrian civilians in 3 months: NGO
US evacuates first military warehouse in Syria
US fingerprints all over in war-torn Yemen: NYT
Turkish FM welcomes US withdrawal decision from Syria
Palestinian-Israeli deal impossible without US
US: Federal Reserve raises interest rates
US senators worried over Trump’s withdrawal from Syria
Trump says 'all' US troops departing Syria
US: Flynn sentencing postponed after hearing
US approves possible sale of Patriot missiles to Turkey
Top US doctor urges 'aggressive' steps against e-cigarettes
US financial regulator warns on no-deal Brexit
US airstrikes kill 62 al-Shabaab militants in Somalia
Turkish minister: 'US can't confine us op east of Euphrates'
Saudi rejects US Senate ‘interference’ on Khashoggi
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