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September 18, 2019 7:21AM EDT Dispatches
Eritrea Should End 18 Years of Darkness
Free All Political Prisoners, Including Critics Held Since 2001
Laetitia Bader
Senior Researcher, Africa Division
October 3, 2018 Video
Video: Eritrea Imprisons Journalists and Government Officials
The recent arrest of Eritrea’s former finance minister is a troubling sign that repressive tactics continue despite changes in Eritrea’s diplomatic engagements. Human Rights Watch released a video about Eritrean political prisoners including 21 senior government officials and journalists detained in 2001 after they criticized President Isaias Afewerki.
Eighteen years ago today, the Eritrean government began its chilling clampdown on those it perceived as critics, decimating the country’s budding independent press in the process. Eighteen years later, as Eritrea ends its diplomatic isolation, little has changed for its citizens.
In September 2001, the government arrested 11 high ranking government officials after they called on President Isaias Afewerki to hold elections and allow political parties. Eritrea, a one-party state, has not held national elections since independence in 1993, when Isaias came to power. The government then arrested 10 journalists who reported on the criticism and closed down privately owned media outletsOnlyoneof the 21 people arrested has ever been seen again; reliable, yet unconfirmed, reports suggest at least 10 may have died while in detention. 
These arrests triggered a wave of arrests and an era of repression that continues to date, where any criticism is prohibited and scores of political prisoners are subjected to appalling conditions and treatment, many held incommunicado
The Eritrean government has normalized relationswith its neighbors after years of diplomatic isolation. But so far, it has shown no interest in allowing​much-desired change at home.
Justlast September, Eritrean authorities arrested Abrehe Kidane Berhane, the former finance minister, after he publicly criticized Isaias and called for political reforms. He has not been heard from since. 
Eighteen years have been lost for those in detention and for many other Eritreans – subjected to repression at home or forced to flee abroad – as highlighted in a 18-day campaign launched today by diaspora group “One Day Seyoum” using the hashtag #18StolenYears, aimed at highlighting the dire human rights situation in the country.  
The government should listen to Eritreans’ call for reform and an end to abuses. It should begin by immediately releasing those imprisoned 18 years ago and the many other political prisoners. 
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